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H2O World from an Attendee's Perspective at ODSC SF 2015!
H2O at ML Conf SF 2015!
H2O World Third Day Wrap-Up
H2O World Second Day Wrap-Up
H2O World First Day Wrap-Up
A Newbie's Guide to H2O in Python - Guest Post
Pre-H2O World, Part 2
Pre-H2O World, Part 1
How-to - Build a Machine-Learning App Using Sparkling Water and Apache Spark
How I used H2O to crunch through a bank's customer data
Fast, Scalable Machine Learning- Now with New and Improved Python API
An Introduction to Data Science: Meetup Summary Guest Post by Zen Kishimoto
The Definitive Performance Tuning Guide for H2O Deep Learning (Ported scripts to H2O-3, results are taken from February's blog)
KMeans Diagnostics with H2O Cluster Models
Lending Club : Predict Bad Loans to Minimize Loss to Defaulted Accounts
Introduction to Data Science using H2O - Chicago
useR! Aalborg 2015 conference
KFold Cross Validation With H2O-3 and R
'Ask Craig'- Determining Craigslist Job Categories with Sparkling Water, Part 2
Sparkling Water Tutorials Updated
'Ask Craig'- Determining Craigslist Job Categories with Sparkling Water
Scaling R with H2O
Using H2O for Kaggle: Guest Post by Gaston Besanson and Tim Kreienkamp
PyData Dallas 2015
Deep Learning for Public Safety
Sparkling Water Certified by Cloudera
The Definitive Performance Tuning Guide for H2O Deep Learning
Strata San Jose 2015
How does Java Both Optimize Hot Loops and Allow Debugging
Introducing first-Fridays Hackathon with H2O
Launching H2O with Docker
H2O vs R - Winning KDDCup98 in 10 minutes with H2O
H2O WORLD 2014 Machine Learning IS Fun.
What if the S language had been copyrighted?
Key Takeaways from the World's Top Kagglers
Predictive Modeling at Scale: Cisco Modernizes Predictive Model Production with H2O (joint work with Lou Carvalheira)
Introducing Flow!
Hacking Algorithms in H2O With Cliff
Competitive Data Science, Kaggle, Kdd and other Sports
Hacking Algorithms into H2O: Quantiles
Hacking Algorithms into H2O: Grep
Hacking Algorithms into H2O: KMeans
Sparkling Water on YARN Example
Running Your First Droplet on H2O
Sparkling Water Tutorials
How to use R, H2O, and Domino for a Kaggle competition
How Sparkling Water Brings H2O to Spark
Sparkling Water!
Introducing H2O Lagrange ( to R
useR! 2014
Learn to manage, munge, and model big data with H2O on the Hortonworks Sandbox
H2O - The Killer-App on Spark
A K/V Store For In-Memory Analytics, Part 2
SJSU Tutorial on H2O and Random Forest
Tableau: Math Hacker Amy Talks Big Data Visualization TONIGHT
MLConf NY - Friday, April 11: Demo of Workflow and Collective Use Case
Google-scale Machine Learning & Deep Learning gets principal platform in Apache Mahout with Spark and H2O
Hang out with us tomorrow- Mar 26: H2O Math Hackers Present: Model Specification
Meetup TONIGHT - Arno Presents: Deep Learning: Theory and Practice!
In-memory Big Data: Spark + H2O
Data Munging in H2O+R
H2O Architecture
H2O at Code Mesh - API for in-memory Analytics - Cliff
Hanging out at ShareThis
And you know, we're on each other's team - Lorde
Generate A Mandelbrot Set In H2O
A K/V Store For In-Memory Analytics: Part 1
I'll let you be in my model, if I can be in yours.
Hack data with our resident data scientist, Earl
Pathology of Data
Hack data with R + H2O ( aka, the last thursday of the 2013 meetup!)
All models are wrong, but some models are useful!
R & Scala for fast in-memory predictions on Hadoop via H2O!
Scalala on H2O at Typesafe
R & Scala for fast in-memory predictions on Hadoop via H2O!
Machine Learning for Adtech
Making films is not too different from startups
H2O goes to CodeMesh in London
H2O goes to qconsf
Distributed Deep Learning with H20 in the Cloud @ Ebay
Predictable Rise of Physicists: Domain Science
Frontier Big Data Meetup - Scalability & Availability
Pivotal hosts 0xdata - Distributed Random Forest, GBM, GLM & API for Big Data Algos
0xdata and Yelp - Machine Learning for Relevance and Serendipity/Distributed Gradient Boosting
Our data, our math // our tools, our science!
Building a Distributed GBM on H2O
An API For Distributed Analytics
Strata NYC & Hadoop World: How to Stop Worrying and Start Modeling Big Data with Better Algorithms and H2O
GBM on Ecology - Recreating a model made for R
NYC Big Data Meetup - Distributed Random Forest, GBM, GLM & API for Big Data Algos
Join Us Tomorrow at Trulia - Distributed GBM!
H2O & LiblineaR: A tale of L2-LR
0xdata + Vendavo = Awesome
Running a GLM Model in H2O + R (notes from the hands-on meetup Sept. 26)
Hands on Workshop: Hack Big Data With Math
Gradient Boosting Machine in III Acts: Trevor Hastie, Netflix & 0xdata
Even More MNIST
Replay: Modeling MNIST With RF Hands-on Demo
Hands on Workshop: Hack Data With Math
Picture it: H20 and R
Big Data Science in H2O with R
Public Data Sets
TCP Is Not Reliable
Run H2O From Within R
Use R to run Better Algorithms on Big Data
Random Forest Measurements for the MNIST Dataset
We the people: Our meetup member introductions
Hey good looking; Visualization and Data Mining 1
Big Data Cloud Computing Streaming Systems & Infrastructures
Implement a Machine Learning Algorithm in 2hrs
GLM Bells and Whistles Part 2: Analysis and Results from Million Songs Data
GLM and K means to find Social Response Bias - Dating and Fibbers
The MillionSongs Data Part 1: Bells and Whistles of GLM in H2O
Running analysis on the right data!
Building A TB-Scale Math Platform @ Uberconf 2013, Denver
Hands-on Data Science with H2O at GlobalBigDataConference
Data Science is NOT Rocket Science - H2O at Big Data Cloud
Age of the Intelligent Apps Ahead
Saving Big Data Science is Saving Science
H2O at the Hadoop Summit - Machine Learning Evening with Big Data Science
Hacking K-means with Cyprien Noel
Convert DOS to Unix - Insert Tab A into Slot B
H20 and Big Data Meetup at Elance
Standardized Coefficients
BIG VS. LITTLE: P-Values and Coefficients
Chocolate Cake
Data Science is NOT Rocket Science
Meetup: Distributed Random Forest at SF Data Mining
Big Data Science Practice + Algo Implementation
Better Big Data Algorithms with H2O by 0xdata
H2O Hack Data Meetup
Hack Data with Math using H2O - Silicon Valley Big Data Science Meetup at Google
Hack Airline Data with Math
Time is ripe for a revolution in Math for Big Data!
H2O does BigDataWeek at SF Data Mining
Predicting Airline Data using a Generalized Linear Model (GLM)
H2O at Predictive Analytics World Conference in SF


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