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Making AI a Reality
by Bruna Smith October 16, 2020 Business Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability

This blog post focuses on the content discussed in more depth in the free ebook “Practical Advice for Making AI Part of Your Company’s Future”. Do you want to make AI a part of your company? You can’t just mandate AI. But you can lead by example. All too often, especially in companies new to […]

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Accelerating AI Transformation in Healthcare
by Bruna Smith October 7, 2020 Business Community H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly with volumes of data and increasing challenges. Early adopters of AI and machine learning in the healthcare space have embraced new data-driven initiatives and are reaping the benefits not only in terms of patient care but also in their own operations. Hospitals, physicians, and laboratories can now use patient […]

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The Benefits of Budget Allocation with AI-driven Marketing Mix Models
by Bruna Smith September 17, 2020 AutoML Business Customer GBM GLM Machine Learning Use Cases

Excerpt of the white paper: “The Latest in AI Technologies Reinvent Media and Marketing Analytics @ Allergan” Authors: Akhil Sood, Associate Director @ Marketing Sciences, Allergan Dr. Michael Proksch, Senior Director @ Vijay Raghavan, Associate Vice President @ Marketing Sciences, Allergan Introduction The call for accountability in marketing has been growing over recent years […]

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Desmistificando a Inteligência Artificial e seu papel no sucesso dos negócios
by Bruna Smith September 14, 2020 Business Makers

A Inteligência Artificial tem sido um termo bastante utilizado atualmente, mas será que todos sabem, na prática, o que ela significa e como se beneficiar dessa tecnologia inovadora? Assim como toda buzzword, a IA também gera muitos mitos. Entre eles, a crença de que a aprendizagem de máquinas irá substituir o trabalho dos cientistas de […]

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Take Your Pega CRM on the Road to AI Transformation
by h2oai March 24, 2020 Business Cloud H2O Driverless AI Use Cases

How well does your company know its customers and prospects? Are your people empowered with relevant information when they interact with clients? What guides your employees at every step of the customer journey? Every successful company depends on how well it can address each of these questions. Investments in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have […]

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AI & ML Platforms: My Fresh Look at Technology
by h2oai February 25, 2020 AutoML Beginners Business Cloud Community Data Science Explainable AI Guest Posts H2O H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning NLP Open Source Recommendations Sparkling Water

2020: A new year, a new decade, and with that, I’m taking a new and deeper look at the technology offers for building AI and machine learning systems. I’ve been interested in since its early days as a company (it was 0xdata back then) in 2014. My involvement had been only peripheral, but […]

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How to Effectively Employ an AI Strategy in your Business
by Bruna Smith December 11, 2019 Beginners Business Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has evolved from being a buzz word to a reality today. Companies with expertise in machine learning systems are looking to graduate to Artificial Intelligence-based technologies. The enterprises that do not yet have a machine learning culture are trying to devise a strategy to put one in place. Amidst this hype and the […]

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