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Developing and Retaining Data Science Talent
by h2oai May 12, 2022 Company Makers

It’s been almost a decade since the Harvard Business Review proclaimed that “Data Scientist” is the sexiest job of the 21st century. Since then, there has been an explosion of job opportunities and university degree programs claiming to give students all of the skills they need to accel in the field of data science. Yet, […]

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The Emergence of Automated Machine Learning in Industry
by h2oai June 30, 2021 AutoML Company

This post was originally published by K-Tech, Centre of Excellence for Data Science and AI, powered by NASSCOM. The link of the post can be found here. The concept of Automated Machine Learning has gained much traction recently. Automated Machine Learning, also known as AutoML, is the process of automating the end-to-end process of applying […]

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In a World Where… AI is an Everyday Part of Business
by Bruna Smith July 22, 2020 Company H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Interpretability

Imagine a dramatically deep voice-over saying “In a world where…” This phrase from old movie trailers conjures up all sorts of futuristic settings, from an alien “world where the sun burns cold”, a Mad Max “world without gas” to a cyborg “world of the not too distant future”. Often the epic science fiction or futuristic […]

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Lessons of COVID-19 and Moving Forward: Key Takeaways
by Bruna Smith May 1, 2020 AI4Good Community Company Data Science

This week, we hosted our second virtual panel focused on how AI can empower healthcare organizations to make better decisions and save lives. Improved forecasting and predictions lead to higher chances in managing and mitigating adverse events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m proud to acknowledge that is committed to helping customers and researchers […]

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Grandmaster Series: How a Passion for Numbers Turned This Mechanical Engineer into a Kaggle Grandmaster
by h2oai January 23, 2020 AutoML Community Company Data Science H2O Driverless AI Kaggle Makers NLP

In conversation with Sudalai Rajkumar: A Kaggle Double Grandmaster and a Data Scientist at It is rightly said that one should never seek praise. Instead, let the effort speak for itself. One of the essential traits of successful people is to never brag about their success but instead keep learning along the way. In […]

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Interview with Arno Candel | AutoML | Physics | | CTDS.Show
by h2oai December 12, 2019 Community Company Data Science

In this episode, Sanyam Bhutani interviews Dr. Arno Candel: CTO at They talk about Arno’s journey into the field with amazing comments and insights by Arno applicable to the field. They talk all about Arno’s journey and ML, Automated Machine Learning Broadly speaking. Arno’s journey from Physics to Software Engineering to Machine Learning Broadly […]

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H2O World New York: The Countdown is On!
by Bruna Smith October 14, 2019 Community Company Events H2O World Makers

Every H2O World is magical. The preparation for the conference starts many months in advance and we put a lot of effort and love in every single detail to provide our beloved community with the best experience possible. Our upcoming H2O World New York on October 22 is the third edition I work on as […]

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Startup Aims to Democratize AI
by h2oai September 5, 2019 Community Company Events Guest Posts Makers

Adam Janofsky at the Wall Street Journal wrote a wonderful article about our company, and our eloquent and philosophical CEO and Founder, Sri Ambati. The makers at believe deeply in our mission to democratize AI for everyone, and we can see a future where every company can be an AI company. Read more below, […]

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