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Revisiting the Miracle of Istanbul
by h2oai January 25, 2022 Data Journalism Sports

Introduction On May 25th, 2005, the UEFA Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool was held at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. The match is still considered one of the greatest finals in football history. AC Milan took a 3-0 lead in the first half but Liverpool made a miraculous comeback in the […]

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1st Place Winner’s Blog – Kaggle 2021 Data Science and Machine Learning Survey
by h2oai January 4, 2022 Data Journalism Data Science Kaggle

Kaggle, the largest global community of data scientists, conducted the 5th annual industry-wide survey that presented a truly comprehensive view of the state of data science and machine learning. A total of 25,973 responses were collected from participants from over 60 countries. Kaggle also launched the Data Science Survey Challenge in which the goal was […]

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AI/ML Projects — Don’t get stymied in the last mile
by h2oai May 3, 2019 Community Data Journalism Data Science Demos H2O Driverless AI

Data Scientists build AI/ML models from data, and then deploy it to production – in addition to a plethora of tasks around data insights, data cleansing etc., Part of the Data Scientist job description/requirement is making models available for transparency, auditability as well as explainability for both regulators as well as internal business use. While […]

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Building AI/ML models on Lending Club Data, with — Part 2
by h2oai April 15, 2019 AutoML Data Journalism Data Science H2O Driverless AI

In Part 1 of this series earlier, we looked at how to download data from Lending Club using Jupyter/Python and create a training and test data set, after dropping some target leakage cols. The data preparation code to create the data sets for classification is available in GitHub at: In this blog post, we […]

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Building AI/ML models on Lending Club Data, with — Part 1
by h2oai March 28, 2019 Beginners Community Data Journalism Data Science Technical Posts Tutorials

Lending Club publishes its basic loan databases to the public and a full version to its customers — anonymized of course. You can find the download page from this link (screenshot below): The publicly downloadable loan data has various attributes — roughly 150+ columns that have categorical, numeric, text and date fields. It also has a ‘loan_status’ text column […]

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What Business Leaders Need to Know About AI
by h2oai January 11, 2019 Beginners Community Data Journalism Data Science

The interest around artificial intelligence (AI) is at an all-time fevered pitch right now, and it’s important to understand why. AI can solve real business problems and address very complex situations. Organizations and business leaders should start with the idea of how AI can help by identifying a business problem or use case that they […]

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Launching the Academic Program … OR … What Made My First Four Weeks at so Special!
Launching the Academic Program … OR … What Made My First Four Weeks at so Special!
by h2oai October 30, 2018 Academic Program AutoML Community Data Journalism Data Science H2O Driverless AI H2O Release H2O World Use Cases

We just launched the Academic Program at our sold-out H2O World London. With nearly 1000 people in attendance, we received the first online sign-up forms submitted by professors and students alike. This program will massively democratize AI in academia, increasing the number of AI-skilled graduates – with both technical and business degrees. A short […]

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How This AI Tool Breathes New Life Into Data Science
How This AI Tool Breathes New Life Into Data Science
by h2oai October 16, 2018 Beginners Data Journalism Data Science Deep Learning Driverless Explainable AI GPU H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning NLP Python R Technical

Ask any data scientist in your workplace. Any Data Science Supervised Learning ML/AI project will go through many steps and iterations before it can be put in production. Starting with the question of “Are we solving for a regression or classification problem?” Data Collection & Curation Are there Outliers? What is the Distribution? What do […]

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Using Sentiment Analysis to Measure Election Surprise
by h2oai December 1, 2016 Data Journalism

Sentiment Analysis is a powerful Natural Language Processing technique that can be used to compute and quantify the emotions associated with a body of text. One of the reasons that Sentiment Analysis is so powerful is because its results are easy to interpret and can give you a big-picture metric for your dataset. One recent […]

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Creating a Binary Classifier to Sort Trump vs. Clinton Tweets Using NLP
by h2oai October 17, 2016 Community Data Journalism Flow Python

The problem: Can we determine if a tweet came from the Donald Trump Twitter account (@realDonaldTrump) or the Hillary Clinton Twitter account (@HillaryClinton) using text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) alone? The Solution: Yes! We’ll divide this tutorial into three parts, the first on how to gather the necessary data, the second on data […]

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