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Automate your Model Documentation using H2O AutoDoc
by h2oai November 19, 2020 Data Science H2O Driverless AI

Create model documentation for Supervised learning models in H2O-3 and Scikit-Learn — in minutes. The Federal Reserve’s 2011 guidelines state that without adequate documentation, model risk assessment and management would be ineffective. A similar requirement is put forward today by many regulatory and corporate governance bodies. Thus model documentation today is more of a necessity than a choice. […]

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From GLM to GBM – Part 2
by h2oai July 9, 2020 Data Science Explainable AI GBM GLM Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI Shapley

How an Economics Nobel Prize could revolutionize insurance and lending Part 2: The Business Value of a Better Model Introduction In Part 1, we proposed better revenue and managing regulatory requirements with machine learning (ML). We made the first part of the argument by showing how gradient boosting machines (GBM), a type of ML, can […]

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From GLM to GBM – Part 1
by h2oai June 9, 2020 Data Science Explainable AI GBM GLM Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI Shapley

How an Economics Nobel Prize could revolutionize insurance and lending Part 1: A New Solution to an Old Problem Introduction Insurance and credit lending are highly regulated industries that have relied heavily on mathematical modeling for decades. In order to provide explainable results for their models, data scientists and statisticians in both industries relied heavily […]

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Lessons of COVID-19 and Moving Forward: Key Takeaways
by Bruna Smith May 1, 2020 AI4Good Community Company Data Science

This week, we hosted our second virtual panel focused on how AI can empower healthcare organizations to make better decisions and save lives. Improved forecasting and predictions lead to higher chances in managing and mitigating adverse events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m proud to acknowledge that is committed to helping customers and researchers […]

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Brief Perspective on Key Terms and Ideas in Responsible AI
by h2oai April 2, 2020 Data Science Explainable AI Machine Learning Responsible AI

INTRODUCTION As fields like explainable AI and ethical AI have continued to develop in academia and industry, we have seen a litany of new methodologies that can be applied to improve our ability to trust and understand our machine learning and deep learning models. As a result of this, we’ve seen several buzzwords emerge. In […]

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Three Ways Data and AI is Helping Against COVID19
by h2oai April 1, 2020 AI4Good Data Science Healthcare Machine Learning

We are in the midst of a global crisis that epidemiologists have warned us about. As of today, 180 countries and sovereign regions have confirmed cases of patients infected with COVID19 (from here). Putting aside evidence that indicates the virulence of the disease could be much worse, the fast spread of the virus and the […]

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Igniting the AI in Healthcare Community
by h2oai March 28, 2020 AI4Good Community Data Science Healthcare

Yesterday we held our first Community Discussion on AI in Healthcare. Our CEO and founder, Sri Ambati led the discussion between Niki Athanasiadou, Marios Michailidis, one of our Grandmasters, and myself. We had nearly 1,300 participants registered from over 45 countries, and over half of those joined live others are viewing the replay. Many were […]

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COVID-19: Doing Good with Data + AI
by h2oai March 26, 2020 AI4Good Data Science Healthcare Machine Learning Time Series

During times of severe societal strain, individuals have historically shown an inclination to offer aid and assistance. Often these sacrifices have been at great cost to life or livelihood. In other cases, the efforts have been seemingly more mundane but nevertheless still essential. The efforts of the over 10,000 women code breakers of World War […]

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Patient Healthcare
How is Reinventing Healthcare with AI
by h2oai March 23, 2020 AI4Good Data Science Healthcare is hosting a virtual Meetup on AI and Healthcare: Best Practices for Better Outcomes. Join us on 26th March, for a community discussion to collaborate with us and leading healthcare organizations to share ideas and best practices including predicting hospital staffing needs, ICU transfers, as well as sepsis detection and more. Register for the […]

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Brain Pattern
Summary of a Responsible Machine Learning Workflow
by h2oai March 20, 2020 Data Science Deep Learning Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Neural Networks Python Responsible AI

A paper resulting from a collaboration between H2O.AI and BLDS, LLC was recently published in a special “Machine Learning with Python” issue of the journal, Information ( In “A Responsible Machine Learning Workflow with Focus on Interpretable Models, Post-hoc Explanation, and Discrimination Testing,” coauthors, Navdeep Gill, Patrick Hall, Kim Montgomery, and Nicholas Schmidt compare model accuracy […]

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