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Building a Manufacturing Product Defect Classification Model and Application using H2O Hydrogen Torch, H2O MLOps, and H2O Wave
by Leah Cordes May 15, 2023 H2O Hydrogen Torch H2O Wave Manufacturing MLOps

Primary Authors: Nishaanthini Gnanavel and Genevieve Richards Effective product quality control is of utmost importance in the manufacturing industry. The presence of defective components can have adverse effects on various aspects, including escalating production costs, compromising product quality, diminishing product longevity, and leading to substantial resource wastage. However, by promptly identifying defects and implementing suitable […]

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Deploy a WAVE app on an AWS EC2 instance
by Parul Pandey March 10, 2023 H2O Wave Make with

This article was originally published by Greg Fousas and Michelle Tanco on Medium  and reviewed by Martin Turoci (unusualcode) This guide will demonstrate how to deploy a WAVE app on an AWS EC2 instance. WAVE can run on many different OSs (macOS, Linux, Windows) and architectures (Mac, PC). In this document, Ubuntu Linux will be used. This post uses […]

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