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Testing Large Language Model (LLM) Vulnerabilities Using Adversarial Attacks
by Venkatesh Yadav July 19, 2023 Generative AI H2O LLM Studio Large language models LLM Limitations LLM Robustness LLM Safety Responsible AI

Adversarial analysis seeks to explain a machine learning model by understanding locally what changes need to be made to the input to change a model’s outcome. Depending on the context, adversarial results could be used as attacks, in which a change is made to trick a model into reaching a different outcome. Or they could […]

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H2O LLM DataStudio: Streamlining Data Curation and Data Preparation for LLMs related tasks
by Parul Pandey June 14, 2023 Data Preparation H2O LLM Studio Large language models LLM DataStudio NLP

A no-code application and toolkit to streamline data preparation tasks related to Large Language Models (LLMs) H2O LLM DataStudio is a no-code application designed to streamline data preparation tasks specifically for Large Language Models (LLMs). It offers a comprehensive range of preprocessing and preparation functions such as text cleaning, text quality detection, tokenization, truncation, and […]

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H2O democratizing LLMs
Democratization of LLMs
by h2oai May 8, 2023 Large language models

Every organization needs to own its GPT as simply as we need to own our data, algorithms and models. H2O LLM Studio democratizes LLMs for everyone allowing customers, communities and individuals to fine-tune large open source LLMs like h2oGPT and others on their own private data and on their servers. Every nation, state and city […]

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Building the World’s Best Open-Source Large Language Model:’s Journey
by h2oai May 3, 2023 Large language models

At, we pride ourselves on developing world-class Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI platforms. We released H2O, the most widely used open-source distributed and scalable machine learning platform, before XGBoost, TensorFlow and PyTorch existed. is home to over 25 Kaggle grandmasters, including the current #1. In 2017, we used GPUs to create the […]

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