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AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance with H2O AI Cloud
by h2oai August 2, 2021 AutoML H2O AI Cloud Machine Learning Interpretability Manufacturing

According to a study conducted by Wall Street Journal, unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually. Forty-two percent of this unplanned downtime can be attributed to equipment failure alone. These downtimes can cause unnecessary delays and, as a result, affect the business. A better and superior alternative is using the machine’s historical […]

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Unwrap Deep Neural Networks Using H2O Wave and Aletheia for Interpretability and Diagnostics
by h2oai April 28, 2021 Deep Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Wave

The use cases and the impact of machine learning can be observed clearly in almost every industry and in applications such as drug discovery and patient data analysis, fraud detection, customer engagement, and workflow optimization. The impact of leveraging AI is clear and understood by the business; however, AI systems are also seen as black […]

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Shapley summary plots: the latest addition to the’s Explainability arsenal
by h2oai April 21, 2021 AutoML H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Interpretability Uncategorized [EN]

It is impossible to deploy successful AI models without taking into account or analyzing the risk element involved. Model overfitting, perpetuating historical human bias, and data drift are some of the concerns that need to be taken care of before putting the models into production. At, explainability is an integral part of our ML […]

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Safer Sailing with AI
by h2oai April 1, 2021 Customer Data Science H2O Machine Learning Interpretability Open Source Uncategorized [EN] Wave

In the last week, the world watched as responders tried to free a cargo ship that had gone aground in the Suez Canal. This incident blocked traffic through a waterway that is critical for commerce. While the location was an unusual one, ship collisions, allisions, and groundings are not uncommon. With all the technology that […]

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The Importance of Explainable AI
The Importance of Explainable AI
by Bruna Smith October 30, 2020 Community Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI

This blog post was written by Nick Patience, Co-Founder & Research Director, AI Applications & Platforms at 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence From its inception in the mid-twentieth century, AI technology has come a long way. What was once purely the topic of science fiction and academic discussion is now a […]

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Building an AI Aware Organization
by h2oai October 26, 2020 Business Explainable AI Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI

Responsible AI is paramount when we think about models that impact humans, either directly or indirectly. All the models that are making decisions about people, be that about creditworthiness, insurance claims, HR functions, and even self-driving cars, have a huge impact on humans.  We recently hosted James Orton, Parul Pandey, and Sudalai Rajkumar for a […]

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Making AI a Reality
by Bruna Smith October 16, 2020 Business Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability

This blog post focuses on the content discussed in more depth in the free ebook “Practical Advice for Making AI Part of Your Company’s Future”. Do you want to make AI a part of your company? You can’t just mandate AI. But you can lead by example. All too often, especially in companies new to […]

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3 Ways to Ensure Responsible AI Tools are Effective
by Bruna Smith October 7, 2020 Explainable AI H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI

Since we began our journey making tools for explainable AI (XAI) in late 2016, we’ve learned many lessons, and often the hard way. Through headlines, we’ve seen others grapple with the difficulties of deploying AI systems too. Whether it’s: a healthcare resource allocation system that likely discriminated against millions of black people data privacy violations […]

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5 Key Considerations for Machine Learning in Fair Lending
by Bruna Smith September 21, 2020 Financial Services Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI Shapley

This month, we hosted a virtual panel with industry leaders and explainable AI experts from Discover, BLDS, and to discuss the considerations in using machine learning to expand access to credit fairly and transparently and the challenges of governance and regulatory compliance. The event was moderated by Sri Ambati, Founder and CEO at […]

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In a World Where… AI is an Everyday Part of Business
by Bruna Smith July 22, 2020 Company H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Interpretability

Imagine a dramatically deep voice-over saying “In a world where…” This phrase from old movie trailers conjures up all sorts of futuristic settings, from an alien “world where the sun burns cold”, a Mad Max “world without gas” to a cyborg “world of the not too distant future”. Often the epic science fiction or futuristic […]

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