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Improving Manufacturing Quality with and Snowflake
by Mary Beth Moore June 3, 2022 Cloud Computer Vision H2O AI Cloud Machine Learning Manufacturing Snowflake

Manufacturers are rapidly expanding their machine learning use cases by leveraging the deep integration between Snowflake’s Data Cloud and the H2O AI Cloud.  Many current manufacturing quality checks require that sensor data and image data be processed and analyzed separately. Standard tooling presents challenges in storing and referencing these data types together. Often, comparison on […]

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Data Science with An Introduction to Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling
by Jo-Fai Chow March 16, 2022 Data Science H2O H2O AI Cloud Machine Learning

Our own Jonathan Farland recently recorded a talk about machine learning and predictive modeling. In his talk, Jon also gave an overview of open source H2O and H2O AI Cloud. This video is a great resource for getting up to speed with the latest technology from H2O in half an hour. Some of you may […]

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Unsupervised Learning Metrics
by Jo-Fai Chow February 28, 2022 Machine Learning Technical Technical Posts

That which is measured improves – Karl Pearson, Mathematician. Almost everyone has heard of accuracy, precision, and recall – the most common metrics for supervised learning. But not as many people know the metrics for unsupervised learning. So, in this article, we will take you through the most common methods and how to implement them. […]

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An Introduction to Unsupervised Machine Learning
by Jo-fai Chow January 31, 2022 Machine Learning Technical Technical Posts

There are three major branches of machine learning (ML): supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement. Supervised learning makes up the bulk of the models businesses use, and reinforcement learning is behind front-page-news-AI such as AlphaGo. We believe unsupervised learning is the unsung hero of the three, and in this article, we break down four key ways you […]

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MLB Player Digital Engagement Forecasting
by Jo-fai Chow October 29, 2021 Kaggle Machine Learning

Are you a baseball fan? If so, you may notice that things are heating up right now as the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series between Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves tied at 1-1. MLB Postseason 2021 Results as of October 28 (source) This also reminded me of the MLB Player Digital Engagement Forecasting competition […]

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What it takes to become a World No 1 on Kaggle
by parul May 3, 2021 Data Science Kaggle Machine Learning Makers

In conversation with Guanshuo Xu: A Data Scientist, Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. In this series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at, who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. The intention behind these interviews is to motivate and encourage others who want […]

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Grandmaster Series: The inspiring journey of the ‘Beluga’ of Kaggle World 🐋
by parul December 14, 2020 Kaggle Machine Learning

In conversation with Gábor Fodor: A Data Scientist at and a Kaggle Competitions’ Grandmaster. In this series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at, who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. These interviews are intended to motivate and encourage others who want to understand what it takes […]

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Mitos e verdades sobre o AutoML
by Bruna Smith November 10, 2020 AutoML Beginners Business Community Machine Learning

Todas as revoluções que tivemos até hoje, tanto as tecnológicas quanto industriais, possuem uma semelhança: elas estão ligadas à forma como os seres humanos lidam com as máquinas. Antes, os processos eram feitos de forma muito manual e, com o tempo, acabaram sofrendo uma evolução natural voltada para a automação. Com o aprendizado de máquinas […]

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Maximizing your Value from AI
by Bruna Smith November 9, 2020 Business Community Machine Learning Partners

Some organizations have already identified the benefits that can be gained from Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, bringing in talented resources to enable them to build AI models and solutions. But more often than not, the business doesn’t understand the capabilities and huge potential of AI well enough, nor the investments that are required in […]

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Building an AI Aware Organization
by Saurabh Kumar October 26, 2020 Business Explainable AI Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI

Responsible AI is paramount when we think about models that impact humans, either directly or indirectly. All the models that are making decisions about people, be that about creditworthiness, insurance claims, HR functions, and even self-driving cars, have a huge impact on humans.  We recently hosted James Orton, Parul Pandey, and Sudalai Rajkumar for a […]

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