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Deploy a WAVE app on an AWS EC2 instance
by Parul Pandey March 10, 2023 H2O Wave Make with

This article was originally published by Greg Fousas and Michelle Tanco on Medium  and reviewed by Martin Turoci (unusualcode) This guide will demonstrate how to deploy a WAVE app on an AWS EC2 instance. WAVE can run on many different OSs (macOS, Linux, Windows) and architectures (Mac, PC). In this document, Ubuntu Linux will be used. This post uses […]

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Make with Recap: Validation Scheme Best Practices
by h2oai August 23, 2022 Data Science Kaggle Machine Learning Make with

Data Scientist and Kaggle Grandmaster, Dmitry Gordeev, presented at the Make with session on validation scheme best practices, our second accuracy masterclass. The session covered key concepts, different validation methods, data leaks, practical examples, and validation and ensembling.  Key Concepts While the validation topics covered are applicable to most models, the session focused on […]

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Make with Recap: Getting Started with H2O Document AI
by h2oai August 5, 2022 Deep Learning H2O Document AI Make with NLP

Product Owner, Data Scientist, and Kaggle Grandmaster, Mark Landry presented at the Make with session on getting started with H2O Document AI.  The session covered an overview of H2O Document AI, a tool to extract insights and automate document processing. The session also included a product demo, looking at documents as data sets, how […]

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