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H2O GBM Tuning Tutorial for R
H2O GBM Tuning Tutorial for R
by Arno Candel June 16, 2016 GBM R Technical Tutorials

In this tutorial, we show how to build a well-tuned H2O GBM model for a supervised classification task. We specifically don’t focus on feature engineering and use a small dataset to allow you to reproduce these results in a few minutes on a laptop. This script can be directly transferred to datasets that are hundreds […]

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Fast csv writing for R
by h2oai April 24, 2016 Data Munging R R-Bloggers Technical

R has traditionally been very slow at reading and writing csv files of, say, 1 million rows or more. Getting data into R is often the first task a user needs to do and if they have a poor experience (either hard to use, or very slow) they are less likely to progress. The data.table […]

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Compressing Zip Codes with Generalized Low Rank Models
by h2oai December 7, 2015 GLRM R

This tutorial introduces the Generalized Low Rank Model (GLRM) [1], a new machine learning approach for reconstructing missing values and identifying important features in heterogeneous data. It demonstrates how to build a GLRM in H2O that condenses categorical information into a numeric representation, which can then be used in other modeling frameworks such as deep […]

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