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Unsupervised Learning Metrics
by h2oai February 28, 2022 Machine Learning Technical Technical Posts

That which is measured improves – Karl Pearson, Mathematician. Almost everyone has heard of accuracy, precision, and recall – the most common metrics for supervised learning. But not as many people know the metrics for unsupervised learning. So, in this article, we will take you through the most common methods and how to implement them. […]

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A Quick Introduction to PyTorch: Using Deep Learning for Stock Price Prediction
by h2oai February 23, 2022 H2O AI Cloud Neural Networks Technical Technical Posts Tutorials

Torch is a scalable and efficient deep learning framework. It offers flexibility and speed to build large scale applications. It also includes a wide range of libraries for developing speech, image, and video-based applications. The basic building block of Torch is called a tensor. All the operations defined in Torch use a tensor. Ok, let’s […]

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How to Create Your Spotify EDA App with H2O Wave
by h2oai February 9, 2022 H2O AI Cloud Technical Technical Posts Wave

In this article, I will show you how to build a Spotify Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) app using H2O Wave from scratch. H2O Wave is an open-source Python development framework for interactive AI apps. You do not need to know Flask, HTML, CSS, etc. H2O Wave has ready-to-use user-interface components and charts, including dashboard templates, […]

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An Introduction to Unsupervised Machine Learning
by h2oai January 31, 2022 Machine Learning Technical Technical Posts

There are three major branches of machine learning (ML): supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement. Supervised learning makes up the bulk of the models businesses use, and reinforcement learning is behind front-page-news-AI such as AlphaGo. We believe unsupervised learning is the unsung hero of the three, and in this article, we break down four key ways you […]

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Install H2O Wave on AWS Lightsail or EC2
by h2oai January 25, 2022 Technical Posts Tutorials Wave

Note: this blog post was first published on Thomas’ personal blog Neural Market Trends. I recently had to set up H2O’s Wave Server on AWS Lightsail and build a simple Wave App as a Proof of Concept. If you’ve never heard of H2O Wave then you have been missing out on a new cool app […]

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Shapley Values – A Gentle Introduction
by h2oai January 11, 2022 Data Science Shapley Technical Posts

If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself. – Albert Einstein One fear caused by machine learning (ML) models is that they are blackboxes that cannot be explained. Some are so complex that no one, not even domain experts, can understand why they make certain decisions. This is of particular […]

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Time Series Forecasting Best Practices
by h2oai October 15, 2021 H2O AI Cloud Technical Posts Time Series

Earlier this year, my colleague Vishal Sharma gave a talk about time series forecasting best practices. The talk was well-received so we decided to turn it into a blog post. Below are some of the highlights from his talk. You can also follow the two software demos and try it yourself using our H2O AI […]

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Improving NLP Model Performance with Context-Aware Feature Extraction
by h2oai October 8, 2021 H2O AI Cloud NLP Technical Posts

I would like to share with you a simple yet very effective trick to improve feature engineering for text analytics. After reading this article, you will be able to follow the exact steps and try it yourself using our H2O AI Cloud. First of all, let’s have a look at the off-the-shelf natural language processing […]

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Combining the power of KNIME and in a single integrated workflow
by Bruna Smith October 14, 2020 AutoML Community H2O Driverless AI Partners Technical Posts Tutorials

KNIME and, the two data science pioneers known for their open source platforms, have partnered to further democratize AI. Our approaches are about being open, transparent, and pushing the leading edge of AI. We believe strongly that AI is not for the select few but for everyone. We are taking another step in democratizing […]

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Parallel Grid Search in H2O
by h2oai February 4, 2020 Data Science H2O Machine Learning Open Source Python R R-Bloggers Recommendations Technical Technical Posts

H2O-3 is, at its core, a platform for distributed, in-memory computing. On top of the distributed computation platform, the machine learning algorithms are implemented. At, we design every operation, be it data transformation, training of machine learning models or even parsing to utilize the distributed computation model. In order to work with big data […]

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