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Unsupervised Learning Metrics
by h2oai February 28, 2022 Machine Learning Technical Technical Posts

That which is measured improves – Karl Pearson, Mathematician. Almost everyone has heard of accuracy, precision, and recall – the most common metrics for supervised learning. But not as many people know the metrics for unsupervised learning. So, in this article, we will take you through the most common methods and how to implement them. […]

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A Quick Introduction to PyTorch: Using Deep Learning for Stock Price Prediction
by h2oai February 23, 2022 H2O AI Cloud Neural Networks Technical Technical Posts Tutorials

Torch is a scalable and efficient deep learning framework. It offers flexibility and speed to build large scale applications. It also includes a wide range of libraries for developing speech, image, and video-based applications. The basic building block of Torch is called a tensor. All the operations defined in Torch use a tensor. Ok, let’s […]

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How to Create Your Spotify EDA App with H2O Wave
by h2oai February 9, 2022 H2O AI Cloud Technical Technical Posts Wave

In this article, I will show you how to build a Spotify Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) app using H2O Wave from scratch. H2O Wave is an open-source Python development framework for interactive AI apps. You do not need to know Flask, HTML, CSS, etc. H2O Wave has ready-to-use user-interface components and charts, including dashboard templates, […]

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An Introduction to Unsupervised Machine Learning
by h2oai January 31, 2022 Machine Learning Technical Technical Posts

There are three major branches of machine learning (ML): supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement. Supervised learning makes up the bulk of the models businesses use, and reinforcement learning is behind front-page-news-AI such as AlphaGo. We believe unsupervised learning is the unsung hero of the three, and in this article, we break down four key ways you […]

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Snowflake on
H2O Integrates with Snowflake Snowpark/Java UDFs: How to better leverage the Snowflake Data Marketplace and deploy In-Database
by h2oai June 9, 2021 H2O AI Cloud H2O Driverless AI Partners Snowflake Technical

Today, we are excited to announce integrations with Snowflake’s Snowpark and Java UDFs, Snowflake’s new developer experience. This essentially opens up access to Snowflake’s Data Marketplace to data scientists and developers, now allowing 3rd party unique datasets that can help improve model accuracy and deliver better business outcomes to be included in their often standard notebook based programming approaches.

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H2O on Kubernetes using Helm
by h2oai October 16, 2020 H2O Kubernetes Technical

Deploying real-world applications using bare YAML files to Kubernetes is a rather complex task, and H2O is no exception. As demonstrated in one of the previous blog posts. Greatly simplified, a cluster of H2O open source machine learning nodes is brought up in the following manner: A headless service to make initial node discovery and clustering […]

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Empowering Snowflake Users with AI using SQL
Empowering Snowflake Users with AI using SQL
by Bruna Smith October 12, 2020 Community Machine Learning Partners Technical Tutorials

At we work with many enterprise customers, all the way from Fortune 500 giants to small startups. What we heard from all these customers as they embark on their data science and machine learning journey is the need to capture and manage more data cost-effectively, and the ability to share that data across their […]

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Modelling Currently Infected Cases of COVID-19 Using H2O Driverless AI
by h2oai March 30, 2020 AI4Good Explainable AI GLM H2O Driverless AI Healthcare Machine Learning Machine Learning Interpretability Responsible AI Technical Time Series

In response to the wake of the pandemic called COVID-19, organized a panel discussion to cover AI in healthcare, and some best practices to put in place in order to achieve better outcomes. The attendees had many questions that we did not have the time to cover thoroughly throughout the course of that 1-hour […]

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Key Takeaways from the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning
by h2oai February 17, 2020 AutoML Data Science Explainable AI Gartner H2O H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Technical

We are named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms (Feb 2020).  We have been positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision among all the vendors evaluated in the quadrant. So let’s walk you through the key strengths of our machine learning platforms. Automatic Machine Learning […]

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Blink: Data to AI/ML Production Pipeline Code in Just a Few Clicks
by h2oai February 11, 2020 H2O Driverless AI Machine Learning Python Technical

You have the data and now want to build a really really good AI/ML model and deliver to production. There are three options available today: Write the code yourself in a Jupyter notebook/R Studio etc., for training/validation and dev-ops model handoff. You decided to do the feature engineering also. Build your own features like above, […]

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