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New in Wave 0.24.0
by h2oai November 21, 2022 Wave

Another Wave release has arrived with quite a few exciting new features. Let’s quickly go over the biggest ones. Wave init CLI​ How many times you wanted to build a Wave app fast, but then you realized you need to start from scratch, copy over the skeleton of your app and work up from there? […]

Read More Placed Furthest in Completeness of Vision in 2021 Gartner Data Science and Machine Learning Magic Quadrant in the Visionaries Quadrant. — Copy
by Bruna Smith November 18, 2022 Business Gartner Wave

At, our mission is to democratize AI, and we believe driving value from data is a team sport. Data needs to be organized and prepared, often by data engineers, and then models need to be built by data scientists. With models built, they need to be put into production and maintained by IT and […]

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An Introduction to H2O Wave Table
by h2oai November 13, 2022 Wave

H2O Wave is a Python package for creating realtime ML/AI applications for a wide variety of data science workflows and industry use cases. Data scientists view a significant amount of data in tabular form. Running SQL queries, pivoting data in Excel or slicing a pandas dataframe are pretty much bread-and-butter tasks. With the growing use of […]

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H2O Wave joins Hacktoberfest
by h2oai September 29, 2022 Wave

It’s that time of the year again. A great initiative by DigitalOcean called Hacktoberfest that aims to bring more people to open source is about to start. Hacktoberfest incentives people to make at least 4 valuable contributions (pull requests) to an open source repository and get the reward in form of either a fancy T-shirt or planting a […]

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Integrating VSCode editor into H2O Wave
by h2oai August 18, 2022 Tutorials Wave

Let’s have a look at how to provide our users with a truly amazing experience when we need to allow them to edit pieces of code or configuration. We will use one of the most popular and well-known code editors called Monaco editor which powers VSCode. The resulting app will have the editor on the left side and […]

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5 Tips for Improving Your Wave Apps
by h2oai August 9, 2022 Wave

Let’s quickly uncover a few simple tips that are quick to implement and have a big impact. Do not recreate navigation, update it The most common error I see across the Wave apps is ugly navigation that seems to be laggy. Laggy navigation. The reason for this behavior is that we want to save the […]

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The Wildfire Challenge Winners Blog Series – Team PSR
by h2oai May 31, 2022 AI4Good Community H2O Driverless AI Wave

Note: this is a community blog post by Team PSR – one of the Wildfire Challenge winners. This blog represents an experience we gained by participating in the H2O wildfire challenge. We need to mention that competing in this challenge is like a journey in a knowledge pool. For a person who is willing […]

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The Wildfire Challenge Winners Blog Series – Team HTB
by h2oai May 10, 2022 AI4Good Community Computer Vision Wave

Note: this is a community blog post by Team HTB – one of the Wildfire Challenge winners. You can check out their app here. The Challenge The purpose of the challenge was to develop an AI application to improve the forecast of bushfires and wildfires, with the main aim of reducing the human losses […]

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H2O Wave Snippet Plugin for PyCharm
by h2oai March 24, 2022 Tutorials Wave

Note: this blog post by Shamil Dilshan Prematunga was first published on Medium. What is PyCham? PyCharm is the most famous IDE among software developers who are working based on python language. It contains more features such as code analysis, graphical debugger, integrated unit tester, integrated version control system, and supports data science with Anaconda. […]

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Setting Up Your Local Machine for H2O AI Cloud Wave App Development
by h2oai March 17, 2022 H2O AI Cloud Wave

This article is for users who would like to build H2O Wave apps and publish them in the App Store within the H2O AI Cloud (HAIC). We will walk through how to set up your local machine for HAIC Wave App development. Instructions Developing with Wave H2O Wave is a framework for building frontends using […]

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