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Navigating the challenges of time series forecasting
by Jon Farland April 12, 2023 Time Series

Jon Farland is a Senior Data Scientist and Director of Solutions Engineering for North America at For the last decade, Jon has worked at the intersection of research, technology and energy sectors with a focus on developing large scale and real-time hierarchical forecasting systems. The machine learning models that drive these forecasting systems are […]

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How Commonwealth Bank is transforming operations with Document AI
by Liz Pratusevich April 11, 2023 H2O World

Sonal Surana, General Manager at Commonwealth Bank of Australia shares recent innovative ideas at H2O World Sydney. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride this first year of our partnership with, and the momentum continues to get even more exciting. We’ve heard from Matt about our AI ambition and how front and center it […]

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Introduction to H2O Document AI
by Mark Landry April 5, 2023 Document AI

Mark Landry, Director of Data Science and Product, and Kaggle Grandmasters showcases H2O Document AI during the Technical Track Sessions at H2O World Sydney 2022. Mark Landry: I’m Mark Landry, with some different titles than you see on the screen here. I’ve got a bunch at H2O, so I’ve been at H2O for about […]

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AI in Insurance: Resolution Life’s AI Journey with Rajesh Malla
by Liz Pratusevich March 29, 2023 H2O World

Rajesh Malla, Head of Data Engineering – Data Platforms COE at Resolution Life insurance takes the stage at H2O World Sydney 2022 to discuss AI transformation within the insurance industry. Resolution Life is the largest life insurer in Australasia. Malla discusses the use of H2O Driverless AI to predict claim triage and other insurance AI […]

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AT&T panel: AI as a Service
AT&T panel: AI as a Service (AIaaS)
by Liz Pratusevich March 22, 2023 H2O World

Mark Austin, Vice President of Data Science at AT&T joined us on stage at H2O World Dallas, along with his colleagues Mike Berry, Lead Solution Architect; Prince Paulraj, AVP of Engineering; Alan Gray, Principal-Solutions Architect; and Rob Woods, Lead Solution Architect, CDO to discuss what they’re doing today and where they see the future of […]

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[Infographic] Healthcare providers: How to avoid AI “Pilot-Itis”
by March 15, 2023 Healthcare

From increased clinician burnout and financial instability to delays in elective and preventative care, the pandemic created a perfect storm of conditions that have strained the healthcare system in lasting ways. This storm continues unabated and is unleashing new challenges and exacerbating old ones. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is uniquely positioned to help repair the […]

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Deploy a WAVE app on an AWS EC2 instance
by Michelle Tanco, Greg Fousas March 10, 2023 H2O Wave Make with

This article was originally published by Greg Fousas and Michelle Tanco on Medium  and reviewed by Martin Turoci (unusualcode) This guide will demonstrate how to deploy a WAVE app on an AWS EC2 instance. WAVE can run on many different OSs (macOS, Linux, Windows) and architectures (Mac, PC). In this document, Ubuntu Linux will be used. This post uses […]

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How Horse Racing Predictions with Saved a Local Insurance Company $8M a Year
by Liz Pratusevich March 8, 2023 H2O World Machine Learning

In this Technical Track session at H2O World Sydney 2022, SimplyAI’s Chief Data Scientist Matthew Foster explains his journey with machine learning and how applying the H2O framework resulted in significant success on and off the race track. Matthew Foster:  I’m Matthew Foster, the Chief Data Scientist for SimplyAI. So, I’m going to take you […]

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