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The Wildfire Challenge Winners Blog Series – Team Too Hot Encoder
by Team May 10, 2022 AI4Good Community

Note: this is a community blog post by Team Too Hot Encoder – one of the Wildfire Challenge winners. You can check out their app here. The Challenge The aim of the project is to predict the probability of wildfire occurrence in Turkey for each month in 2020. As a result of these predictions, […]

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The Wildfire Challenge Winners Blog Series – Team HTB
by Team May 10, 2022 AI4Good Community Computer Vision Wave

Note: this is a community blog post by Team HTB – one of the Wildfire Challenge winners. You can check out their app here. The Challenge The purpose of the challenge was to develop an AI application to improve the forecast of bushfires and wildfires, with the main aim of reducing the human losses […]

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Bias and Debiasing
by Kim Montgomery April 15, 2022 Explainable AI H2O

An important aspect of practicing machine learning in a responsible manner is understanding how models perform differently for different groups of people, for instance with different races, ages, or genders. Protected groups frequently have fewer instances in a training set, contributing to larger error rates for those groups. Some models may produce very different average […]

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Comprehensive Guide to Image Classification using H2O Hydrogen Torch
by Team March 29, 2022 Computer Vision H2O AI Cloud Tutorials

In this article, we will learn how to build state-of-the-art models in computer vision and natural language processing within a couple of minutes using H2O Hydrogen Torch. Introduction to H2O Hydrogen Torch H2O Hydrogen Torch (HT) aims to simplify building and deploying deep learning models for a wide range of tasks in computer vision (CV) […]

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H2O Wave Snippet Plugin for PyCharm
by Shamil Prematunga March 24, 2022 Tutorials Wave

Note: this blog post by Shamil Dilshan Prematunga was first published on Medium. What is PyCham? PyCharm is the most famous IDE among software developers who are working based on python language. It contains more features such as code analysis, graphical debugger, integrated unit tester, integrated version control system, and supports data science with Anaconda. […]

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Democratizing Lending through AI
by Team March 23, 2022 Financial Services H2O AI Cloud

According to the Federal Reserve, nearly 40% of adults in the U.S. sought credit in 2020, only slightly fewer than those who applied in the previous pre-pandemic year; among those who applied more than 1 in 10 were denied credit or were approved for less than they had sought. The reasons behind these denials are […]

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Setting Up Your Local Machine for H2O AI Cloud Wave App Development
by Michelle Tanco March 17, 2022 H2O AI Cloud Wave

This article is for users who would like to build H2O Wave apps and publish them in the App Store within the H2O AI Cloud (HAIC). We will walk through how to set up your local machine for HAIC Wave App development. Instructions Developing with Wave H2O Wave is a framework for building frontends using […]

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Data Science with An Introduction to Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling
by Team March 16, 2022 Data Science H2O H2O AI Cloud Machine Learning

Our own Jonathan Farland recently recorded a talk about machine learning and predictive modeling. In his talk, Jon also gave an overview of open source H2O and H2O AI Cloud. This video is a great resource for getting up to speed with the latest technology from H2O in half an hour. Some of you may […]

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