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Integrating VSCode editor into H2O Wave
by Martin Turoci August 18, 2022 Tutorials Wave

Let’s have a look at how to provide our users with a truly amazing experience when we need to allow them to edit pieces of code or configuration. We will use one of the most popular and well-known code editors called Monaco editor which powers VSCode. The resulting app will have the editor on the left side and […]

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5 Tips for Improving Your Wave Apps
by Martin Turoci August 9, 2022 Wave

Let’s quickly uncover a few simple tips that are quick to implement and have a big impact. Do not recreate navigation, update it The most common error I see across the Wave apps is ugly navigation that seems to be laggy. Laggy navigation. The reason for this behavior is that we want to save the […]

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Make with Recap: Getting Started with H2O Document AI
by Blair Averett August 5, 2022 Deep Learning H2O Document AI Make with NLP

Product Owner, Data Scientist, and Kaggle Grandmaster, Mark Landry presented at the Make with session on getting started with H2O Document AI.  The session covered an overview of H2O Document AI, a tool to extract insights and automate document processing. The session also included a product demo, looking at documents as data sets, how […]

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Advice for Those Getting Started on Their AI Journey
by Blair Averett August 4, 2022 AI Journey Business Events Innovation Day Summer ‘22 included a customer insights panel made up of Prince Paulraj, AVP, Data Insights and Chief Data Officer at AT&T, Chris Throop, Managing Director and Global Head of Data Science at Castleton Commodities International and Sean Otto, Director of Advanced Analytics at AES.  One of the questions panelists were asked was […]

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AES Transforms its Energy Business with AI and
by Read Maloney June 20, 2022 Business Energy

AES is a leading renewable-energy company with global operations. The business produces energy and distributes energy for both private, public, and governmental organizations. AES was recently named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the ninth straight year and won the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) Edison Award– the industry’s most prestigious award for contributing […]

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The Wildfire Challenge Winners Blog Series – Team Titans
by Team June 14, 2022 AI4Good Community

Note: this is a community blog post by Team Titans – one of the Wildfire Challenge winners. You can check out their app here. Background Forest fires have been getting worse in recent years. According to a report by the WWF, the duration of fire seasons across the globe has increased by 19% on average. […]

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Improving Machine Learning Operations with and Snowflake
by Eric Gudgion June 7, 2022 Cloud H2O AI Cloud MLOps Snowflake

Operationalizing models is critical for companies to get a return on their machine learning investments, but deployment is only one part of that operationalization process. With’s latest Snowflake Integration Application, authorized Snowflake users can easily deploy models, significantly reducing deployment timelines and enabling a level of self-service that creates faster time to value. […]

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Improving Manufacturing Quality with and Snowflake
by Eric Gudgion June 3, 2022 Cloud Computer Vision H2O AI Cloud Machine Learning Manufacturing Snowflake

Manufacturers are rapidly expanding their machine learning use cases by leveraging the deep integration between Snowflake’s Data Cloud and the H2O AI Cloud.  Many current manufacturing quality checks require that sensor data and image data be processed and analyzed separately. Standard tooling presents challenges in storing and referencing these data types together. Often, comparison on […]

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