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An Introduction to H2O Wave Table
by Rohan Rao November 13, 2022 Wave

H2O Wave is a Python package for creating realtime ML/AI applications for a wide variety of data science workflows and industry use cases. Data scientists view a significant amount of data in tabular form. Running SQL queries, pivoting data in Excel or slicing a pandas dataframe are pretty much bread-and-butter tasks. With the growing use of […]

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Saving Zebras: “Their stripes are like fingerprints. No two are alike.”
by Anthony Gomes November 10, 2022 AI4Good

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But to Tanya Berger-Wolf, a picture is far more valuable than that. To Berger-Wolf, photos, images and videos are key to protecting biodiversity and entire species around the world.  Scientists have known for years that we are in the middle of the sixth mass […]

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H2O Managed Cloud With AWS PrivateLink is Now Generally Available
by Ophir Zahavi November 10, 2022 H2O AI Cloud

An essential part of responsibly practicing machine learning is understanding how you secure your data. H2O Managed Cloud offers a single-tenant cloud environment with multiple layers of security – but how do you get your data securely into the cloud for training, and how do you score sensitive information without exposing it to the internet? […]

Read More Receives Innovation Award for H2O Hydrogen Torch
by Anthony Gomes October 31, 2022 H2O Hydrogen Torch

We don’t like to brag, but we do like to celebrate the work our Makers create, and more importantly, why they create it: for you. was proud to accept the award for “Best Deep Learning Technology” at the AI Tech awards. H2O Hydrogen Torch, a no-code deep learning training engine, was released less than […]

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AI for Good: Levels Up Furry Matchmaking
by Team October 19, 2022 AI4Good Driverless

Nothing tugs at the heart strings quite like a poster in your neighborhood about a missing cat or dog. For years, technology has enabled lost pets to be reunited with their families in the form of a small microchip that contains an owner’s contact information. Now some organizations are turning to emerging technology to help […]

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H2O Wave joins Hacktoberfest
by Martin Turoci September 29, 2022 Wave

It’s that time of the year again. A great initiative by DigitalOcean called Hacktoberfest that aims to bring more people to open source is about to start. Hacktoberfest incentives people to make at least 4 valuable contributions (pull requests) to an open source repository and get the reward in form of either a fancy T-shirt or planting a […]

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Three Keys to Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Your Organization
by Team September 23, 2022 AI4Good Machine Learning

There’s certainly been no shortage of examples of AI gone bad over the past few years–enough to give everyone pause on how (and if) this technology can truly be used for good.  If it’s not Facebook selling data of its users, it’s self-driving cars from Uber that can’t recognize pedestrians in time to slow down […]

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Using GraphQL, HTTPX, and asyncio in H2O Wave
by Martin Turoci September 21, 2022 Uncategorized [EN]

Today, I would like to cover the most basic use case for H2O Wave, which is collecting a bunch of data and displaying them in a nice and clean way. The goal is to build a simple dashboard that shows how H2O Wave compares against its main competitors in terms of popularity and codebase metrics. The […]

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