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Solve your business problems and quickly build AI/ML-powered solutions using the H2O AI Cloud and services. Explore how can help improve efficiency and agility, reduce cost, and help businesses scale and compete in the face of modern challenges.

Lastest Use Cases

Cash Optimization (ATMs)

Create an intelligent cash management system (eg, in ATMs) based on cash demand forecasting; predict cash demand

Cyber-threat detection

Help information security teams reduce risk and improve their security posture efficiently and effectively

Accounting and Auditing

Transform auditing from quarterly to real-time, driving audit quality, accuracy and reliability

Financial Service Use Cases

Infrastructure and Operations

Cyber-threat detection

Help information security teams reduce risk and improve their security posture efficiently and effectively

Cash Optimization

Create an intelligent cash management system based on cash demand forecasting; predict cash demand

Accounting and Auditing

Transform auditing from quarterly to real-time, driving audit quality, accuracy and reliability

Employee Retention

View predictions of employee departure, forecast churn rates and identify relevant factors contained in employee data

Anomaly Detection

This time series process looks at expected data volumes based on historical patterns. Upper and lower boundaries...

Customer Acquisition

Account Opening / Card Issuing

Promote products (accounts, cards) with more relevancy to boost customer acquisition

Credit Scoring

Help underwriters evaluate creditworthiness using alternate data sources; predict credit potential

Fair Lending and Loan Predictions

Simplify the process of predicting whether the customer will default

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Harness alternative data beyond traditional credit checks to support credit...

Debt Repayment

Model prepayment risk and automate document classification to predict repayments/prepayment risks

Personalized Offers

Product Recommendations

Understand the relationship between various products in a catalog and generating...

Contextual, Cookieless Targeting

Help marketing teams at FIs achieve more awareness and achieve higher conversions

Behavioral Targeting

Send messages/content at the right time with the right content based on individual and collective customer...

Propensity to Buy

Expand offers to customers with accuracy and speed by implementing predictive analytics

Direct Mail Marketing

Develop better customer profiles that will target direct mailing, optimizing costs behind direct in-home mailing

Customer Service and Retention

Customer Handling and Call Center Optimization

Improve customer experience and reduce handling costs; map the query by the customer to appropriate...

Customer Churn

Predict customer churn based on behavioral patterns and cadence of transactions; Identify leading indicators for churn

Financial Markets

Bond Pricing and Performance

Train and score 2-way bond pricing models in real-time; predict errors between price...

Trading Strategies

Define objective functions & impose constraints; formulate rule definitions; run trade simulations

Factor Investing

Predict factors (eg, volatility) for a given security universe and select securities generating alphas

M&A Advisory Services

Predict the likelihood of a public company being acquired over given time frames to provide a rapid yet in-depth...

Cryptocurrency Trading

Make predictions about the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market; determine the sentiment of the crypto market by....

Fraud and Compliance

Application / Account Opening Fraud

More accurately score applicants for fraud to drive down manual reviews...

Check Fraud

Quickly and accurately detect fraudulent alterations (eg, counterfeit, forged) in bank checks

Collusion Fraud

Detect buyer and seller collusion; analyze acticities, accounts addresses, device IDs, coordinates, ...

Transaction Fraud

Find new ways to improve fraud detection accuracy and detection time across multiple transaction fraud types

Anti-Money Laundering

Leverage ML to more accurately spot suspicious and criminal behavior; balance compliance and cost by assessing the risk...

Customer 360

KYC Automation

Operationalize customer data understand behavior analytics for marketing and fraud prevention use cases

Customer Behavior Analysis

Segment users on the basis of different attributes such as demographics data

Healthcare Use Cases

Predicting ICU Transfers

Use patient medical records, laboratory results, and vital signs from patients to find early warning signals...

Medical Testing

By using volumes of patient information, use AI models to predict likely test results a given patients

Improving Clinical Workflow

AI-based decision support helps doctors and nurses by providing a second opinion

Predicting Hospital Acquired Infections

Predict which patients are most likely to develop central...

Predicting Hospital Readmissions

Provide a proactive assessment of their risk and notify clinicians while the patient is still hospitalized

Sepsis Prevention

AI driven early diagnosis based on routine vital signs and metabolic levels from electronic medical records can highlight patients at risk

Insurance Use Cases

Claims Denials Management

Streamline the denials management process by finding claims that have a...

Claims Fraud Detection

Flag potentially fraudulent claims for further review, an also identify good transactions and streamlining their...

Fraud Mitigation

Machine learning models can be used to automate claims assessment and routing based on existing fraud patterns.

Customer Retention

Look at a variety of data, including new data sources, and at relatively complex interactions...

Personalized Rate Management

Use more personalized data to make the risk assessment results in an individualized picture of risk

Personalized Product Bundling

Insurance companies can determine which products and policy options are the best fit for a given consumer.

Claims Management

AI models can also provide reason codes for claims denials, which streamlines the review process by allowing the analyst to quickly resolve

Manufacturing Use Cases

Predictive Manufacturing Design

AI based models can determine which combinations of variables are most likely to produce a positive result

Predictive Maintenance

AI based predictive maintenance uses a variety of data to determine which components should be replaced before they break

Supply Chain Optimization

AI models can be used to update resource plans, reroute inventory where it is needed, and streamline resource...

Transportation Optimization

AI based transportation optimization leverages route information, weather data, fuel cost and other such factors...

Marketing Use Cases

Next Best Offer

Marketers can determine which customers are likely to be interested in current offers and only those customers will receive them

Lead Scoring

AI based machine learning models can score marketing leads using a wider variety of factors and learn from those leads that ultimately became...

Smart Segmentation

AI based machine learning models can easily segment customers using a much wider variety of data including browsing behavior, prior...

Content Personalization

AI techniques can be used to create 1:1 personalization of content that matches the right content with the right customer at the right time.

Next Best Action

Discover the touchpoint that is likely to produce the desired outcome based on successful outcomes from interactions with other customers combined with...

Retail Use Cases

Assortment Optimization

AI models can look at a variety of factors including past sales, store display space, local trends, online behavior, and more to determine which...

Pricing Optimization

AI models can be used to determine the best price for each item using data on seasonality and price elasticity along with real-time inputs

Telecom Use Cases

Predictive Customer Support

AI models can then determine the most likely issues that the customer is facing with the minimal amount of questioning.

Predictive Fleet Maintenance

AI models can look for patterns in data that indicate failure modes for specific components or generate more accurate predictions of the lifespan...