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Take H2O Driverless AI for a Test Drive on the H2O Aquarium Cloud!

Explore all the features and benefits of an industry-leading Automatic Machine Learning Platform.

Get Started Right Now!

You can learn how to build, validate, and explain machine learning models using H2O Driverless AI on the H2O Aquarium Cloud. No need to download software. In a few minutes, a cloud instance will be provisioned to get you started. With the use of a series of step-by-step tutorials, we will guide you through the features and capabilities of Driverless AI. Or you can start taking the software through a spin at your own pace.

In the first tutorial, learn how to ingest data into the platform, visualize a dataset, tune and build a machine learning model, view the model explanations and explore a model report.

h2o ai experiment h2o ai experiment