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Modeling - Convergence

What is Technological Convergence?


In general, technological convergence is the process by which two or more independent technologies integrate to create a new product.

What are some examples of Technological Convergence?

Below are two examples of technological convergence:

1. Smartphones

Smartphones combine a telephone, camera, and music player. Hence why, it falls under the category of technological convergence.

2. Tablet computers

Tablet computers like an iPad, for example, combine the functionality of a smartphone and a laptop into one device.

What are the different types of Convergences?

There are three different types of convergences:

1. Technological convergence

Technology convergence occurs when a device performs various functions and can deliver a variety of formats.

2. Media convergence

Media convergence happens when content is provided in various formats.

3. Network convergence

Network convergence happens when a network receives and transmits many content formats.

Why is Technological Convergence important?

Technological convergence plays a crucial role in society from a social, economic, and development standpoint. It can influence how governments develop appropriate policies while looking to the future in terms of social welfare. It affects how businesses compete in the market and how individuals communicate with each other. With technological convergence, people can take advantage of efficient, lower-cost, innovative, and value-added products and services.

Technological convergence offers new opportunities for meeting development goals and bridging the divide between developed and developing countries because a single service provider can offer different products and services at a more affordable cost.

What are the advantages of Technological Convergence?

Technological convergence allows multiple tasks to be performed on a single device, saving space and energy. Also, technological convergence often makes it easier for the general public to use technology. When people with no computer experience can access the Internet and video-on-demand services through their televisions, they are more likely to use these technologies. & Technological Convergence

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