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Master our leading AI tools with ease, crafting machine learning models in just a few clicks through friendly tutorials.

Quick Start Programs Quick Start Programs


Demonstrate your recently acquired expertise by achieving a quiz score of 70% or higher, and show that you are too, an H2O.ai maker.

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Companies need skilled professionals who can prove they can effectively use and implement AI tools to get value from their data.

Discover our range of AI services and products, and validate your newfound expertise by successfully completing our certifications.

With a 70% score or above, you too can stand out in your field as a proficient AI practitioner!

H2O Certified badge with star ribbon in black and yellow H2O Certified badge with star ribbon in black and yellow


You have access to all our video trainings at no cost on our YouTube channel.

Should you wish to pursue certification by passing the quiz, please reach out to us at the following email address: certification@h2o.ai

Yes. The assignments included in the training materials are achievable once you create an account on our free lab platform called Aquarium, at https://aquarium.h2o.ai/. The videos provide step-by-step explanations on how to connect and gain access to the services demonstrated during the demos on Aquarium.