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Make Your Company An AI Company

Start Your AI Transformation Journey

Every Company can be an AI Company

Our vision is to democratize AI for all and empower every company to be an AI company. This is an imperative for the future of every business and organization. AI empowers companies to augment their human intelligence and to gain more value, and most importantly achieve a competitive edge in their markets. As you embark on this AI journey, explore the key considerations as well as the technology that will make your own AI a possibility.

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The AI Advantage

Forward thinking businesses are using AI to gain greater insights, make more accurate predictions and use AI to create new and compelling products and services. Across industries AI is having a positive impact including:

  • Drug discovery in pharmaceutical to cure diseases
  • Sepsis detection in healthcare to save lives
  • Supply chain transportation optimization to take costs out
  • Fraud detection in banking to save money
  • Subscriber churn predictions in telecoms to retain customers
  • Personalized policies in insurance to delight customers

Every industry stands to benefit from AI in their business.

Empowering Companies to Make Their Own AI

We are the experts in automatic machine learning, you are the experts in your business. Ask the right questions and bring the data. With the award-winning, industry leading automatic machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI, businesses can now use their own vertical or domain experts to extend the platform to meet any business challenge ranging from:

  • Credit risk scoring
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Fraud detection
  • Cyber threat prevention
  • Sentiment analysis

In addition, customers can explore and consume over 100+ open-source recipes, curated by Kaggle Grandmasters at

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Make Your Own AI, In Our Own Words

We want to work with you on making our vision your reality. Hear from our CEO and Founder, Sri Ambati, about how to make this possible.

Our very own Sri Ambati, CEO & Founder at, interviewed with Datanami on how every company can make itself an AI company and undergo an AI Transformation. You can read the article here.