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H2O Wave

Make AI Apps

H2O Wave is an open-source Python development framework that makes it fast and easy for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and software developers to develop real-time interactive AI apps with sophisticated visualizations. H2O Wave accelerates development with a wide variety of user-interface components and charts, including dashboard templates, dialogs, themes, widgets, and many more.

Simple Development with Python

Create interactive and visual AI applications with just Python. HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills aren’t required.

Real Time Made Easy

H2O Wave’s real-time application server enables developers to stream on-going changes to dashboards, model results, and any other dynamic information in the application.

Seamless Integration with H2O’s Machine Learning Platform

Build and deploy AI models quickly with H2O’s integrated AutoML platform. H2O Wave is integrated with H2O AI Cloud, making it simpler for developers to build their own ML models and deploy them instantly. H2O offers 100s of AutoML recipes and AI apps for common use cases, so developers just need to load their dataset of choice, and the platform will rapidly produce an accurate and explainable model. 

Any Cloud, Any Environment

Run apps natively on Linux, Mac, and Windows, or any OS where Python is supported.

Run on any major cloud.

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Complete Flexibility and Extensibility with Major Libraries and Frameworks

python-compatibility python-compatibility

Getting Started


Download the open source SDK.


Complete a few tutorials.


Build and deploy an AI app.

Sample Apps

Sample apps are designed to help developers learn how to build AI applications for their organizations. There are thousands of potential use cases, and we’ve selected a few to help you get started with AI development.

Mitigating Churn Risk

Sample App
Free Download

Provides likelihood to churn and actionable recommendations to prevent churn via top shapley values.

Online Shopping Recommendations

Sample App
Free Download

This application allows a marketing analyst to better understand how their recommendation engine works.

Social Media Sentiment

Sample App
Free Download

An explainable text model for Twitter hashtag data which shows the positive and negative words of each tweet.

Explaining Ratings

Sample App
Free Download

This application will find the top words and phrases in each decile of predictions to help explain the reviews.

Guess the Number

Sample App
Free Download

This application allows a user to review model predictions on whether or not someone will pay off their credit card.

Human-in-the-Loop Credit Risk

Sample App
Free Download

This application allows a user to review model predictions on whether or not someone will pay off their credit card.

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