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Use Case Consultation


Reserve your space at a complimentary Use Case Consultation Workshop with some of's top AI experts.

Careful selection of use cases that deliver significant business value and can be scaled to reduce risk are critical to demonstrate the impact of AI investment to business stakeholders. According to Gartner, the worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) software revenue forecast will exceed $62.5 billion in 2022, placing solving business challenges with AI top of mind across all industries.

There are also risks. Gartner estimates through 2022, only 20% of analytic insights will deliver business outcomes and only 15% of use cases leveraging AI techniques (such as ML and DNNs) and involving edge and IoT environments will be successful.

Developing meaningful use cases that deliver on the needs of the business are more critical than ever. Working with over 20,000 organizations representing over half of the Fortune 500, and trusted by over 1 million data scientists, is uniquely positioned to partner with you to identify and develop use cases specific to your organization. 

Reserve your space at a complimentary Use Case Consultation Workshop with some of’s top AI experts.

During this time we’ll discuss; 

• How to further sharpen identification of business challenges that can be solved with AI

• How to further capitalize on revenue opportunities unlocked with AI

• Discuss our proven methodology for quantifying business outcomes 


For your time, you’ll receive a personalized report assessing AI maturity across your organization and a copy of Demystifying AI for the Enterprise: A Playbook for Business Value and Digital Transformation authored by several AI luminaries from employees, customers and academia.


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