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Dell Partnership

Powering innovation with automated machine learning.


Dell Technologies has partnered with to enhance the performance, flexibility and scalability of machine learning workloads. The Dell and solution provides a flexible building-block approach, where individual building blocks can be combined to build a system that’s optimized specifically for your unique workloads and use cases. This solution enables companies to modernize, automate and transform their businesses with industry-leading autoML that runs on infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies. and Azure and Azure

Dell Technologies and partner to extend responsible AI innovation to more users

Dell and


Quickly create, test and deploy highly accurate and robust models with state-of-the-art automated machine learning that spans the entire data science lifecycle.


Enhance data science workload performance and optimize hardware investments with a flexible compute foundation for machine learning operations.


Rapidly develop AI solutions with comprehensive machine learning capabilities, a robust explainable AI toolkit and integrated machine learning operations.

How It Works


H2O Driverless AI which gives users increased accuracy, speed, and transparency throughout the entire machine learning lifecycle. NVIDIA AI Enterprise Suite™ provides cloud-native AI development and deployment. The solution is delivered on VMware vSphere® with Tanzu™ deployed on an engineering-validated and optimized Dell infrastructure stack.

Dell and H2O Marketecture Dell and H2O Marketecture

Solution Components

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Extensive autoML capabilities are the engine behind’s ability to deliver AI that does AI, powering everything from feature transformation to model selection, monitoring and deployment.

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PowerEdge servers are engineered to deliver unmatched performance and versatile configurations to meet the demands of AI workloads with flash storage, the latest processors and memory.

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NVIDIA MIGs expand the performance and value of GPUs by partitioning them into as many as seven instances to support every workload and extend accelerated resources to more users.

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Factory installed VMware vSphere delivers powerful support for the latest NVIDIA GPUs, delivering enterprise virtualization for GPU powered AI workloads.

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Intel’s MLOps was built by data scientists, for data scientists to standardize ML pipelines and minimize friction between  data science and engineering teams from research to production.

Data Scientists

The Dell Validated Design for AI — AutoML, makes it easier for data scientists to train the highly accurate and robust machine learning models in the least amount of time in a VMware-virtualized environment.

Machine Learning Engineers

This Dell Validated Design for AI, built in collaboration with, standardizes ML pipelines to minimize friction for data science and engineering teams from research to production.

DevOps / IT Professionals

Dell Validated Designs for AI are jointly engineered and validated to power AI workloads alongside existing applications in VMware-virtualized data centers with near-bare-metal performance.


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