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H2O AI Cloud - Fully Managed

The Easiest Way to Get Started and Securely Operate the H2O AI Cloud

aicpasoc2 aicpasoc2 Achieves SOC2 Type 2 + HIPAA/HITECH Report with Unqualified Status - Reinforcing Commitment to Data Security and Customer Trust.

H2O AI Cloud – Fully Managed offers the complete set of the H2O AI Cloud’s capabilities on a fully managed cloud environment that handles infrastructure provisioning, scale, and software updates. Customers just need to select the size of their AI Cloud, and we deploy a dedicated and secure single-tenant cloud environment. With our fully managed offering, customers can rapidly begin making, operating, and innovating with AI.


Get Started Quickly

With a few clicks, customers can create a dedicated H2O AI Cloud environment for their organization. We rapidly provision a complete H2O AI Cloud in a logically isolated virtual network that is only accessible for one customer.

Virtually No Infrastructure Management

H2O manages infrastructure provisioning, scale, and software updates so customers can focus on making, opening, and innovating with AI. Customers can simply select their desired training instance sizes and scaling rules, and does the rest.


H2O’s approach to cyber security is a multi-layer strategy that provides multiple independent lines of defense against cyber attacks. Each layer takes into account the following security pillars: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Single tenant architecture. Each customer is running in a dedicated cloud environment, completely isolated from other tenants.

Customer data never leaves the cloud region selected.

Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit in all public facing interfaces.

Access to the production environment is ‘zero trust’ with 2 factor authentication and a machine certificate required.

Access to production is constantly logged and monitored.

Contact us to discuss security in detail

Highly Available

H2O AI Cloud’s Fully Managed offering is a scalable cloud computing platform designed for high availability and dependability. Each customer’s H2O AI Cloud is designed to run across multiple fault-tolerant data centers that are in different locations within a geographic region. Each data center possesses different electricity grids and natural disaster planes to protect against complete data center failure. The system is designed to automatically failover in case of an outage or natural disaster.


Contact us to discuss the architecture of the H2O AI Cloud – Fully Managed in detail

Make your innovative ideas become reality with the H2O AI Cloud.