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What is an AI Cloud?

Businesses and governmental organizations are increasingly viewing artificial intelligence (AI) as a required technology, both to compete and win in the marketplace and to meet increasing citizen and mission demands.

These organizations struggle with piecing together multiple technological components that accelerate the AI lifecycle and make it easy for an entire organization to solve a range of problems with AI. In addition, AI requires scale and elasticity, so operating technologies across the AI lifecycle further complicates AI adoption across an organization.

An AI Cloud solves both of these challenges, making it easier for organizations to roll-out AI to every business unit and build it into the fabric of day-to-day operations. AI Clouds offer technology across the AI lifecycle, including making features, models, and apps, operating and monitoring them, and sharing them across the organization. Technologies that support the end-to-end AI lifecycle are called AI platforms. When these platforms are available in high-scale and elastic environments they are referred to as AI Clouds.

AI Clouds can be managed by customers or the AI vendors themselves. When the environment is managed by customers, they are often referred to as “Hybrid Cloud” environments. The customer can operate the AI Cloud on their infrastructure of choice, either on-premises, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Customers manage the infrastructure, scale, elasticity, reliability, and security of the environment.

When vendors manage the AI environment, these are typically referred to as “fully managed” AI Cloud environments. Fully Managed AI Clouds make it easy for customers to get started; they create an account and are making AI within minutes. Additionally, the vendor manages the infrastructure, elasticity, and security, which takes the burden off of data science, analytics, and supporting IT teams. offers an advanced AI Cloud that helps organizations rapidly make, operate, and innovate with AI to rapidly solve business problems. Our offering the H2O AI Cloud, enables customers to select their infrastructure of choice and incorporate the AI Cloud into their secure and compliant environments. has helped companies such as AT&T, Wells Fargo, and Nationwide solve 100s of business challenges, and these customers continue to use H2O to solve new business challenges every day.

connecting pieces of the puzzle connecting pieces of the puzzle

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