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Snowflake Partnership

Turning data into insights with AI.

Snowflake and bring together the strongest platforms for data and machine learning together to help more customers around the world innovate with AI. We have built a native integration that allows users to access all of’s advanced machine learning capabilities directly from their Snowflake environment. Through multiple pre-built integrations, users can easily leverage machine learning capabilities for real-time analysis from within the Snowflake toolset. This shortens learning cycles, significantly reduces processing time, ensures predictions are based on the most recent data and makes those predictions available to any application built on top of Snowflake. and snowflake logo lockup and snowflake logo lockup

Snowflake and


Machine Learning

Seamless integration to train, deploy and integrate machine learning models directly inside of Snowflake.


Dynamic Intelligence

Discover insights and react quickly to changes in data with real-time monitoring and feedback.


Accelerated Innovation

Embed models directly into your existing applications to scale the use of AI across your business.

How It Works



Snowflake Integrations with

External DBscorer

External Functions


Java UDF

H2O AI AppStore

Data Scientists

Easily train, deploy and integrate robust machine learning models inside of your Snowflake environment.

Data Engineers

Enrich data and check for anomalies with machine learning included in your data preparation and execution pipelines.

Machine Learning Engineers

Use machine learning models in new and creative ways with flexible deployment options.

DevOps/IT Professionals

Easily put models into production and maintain performance oversight with integrated machine learning operations.

Data Analysts

Discover new insights with intuitive experiences designed to highlight trends across datasets.  

Business Users

Gain access to accurate machine learning models that you can trust, within tools you are already familiar with.

Easy to use application for seamless integration between your Snowflake and platforms.

Interact with your Snowflake instance and manage the end-to-end machine learning pipeline in one place. Discover your data, train new models, score using existing models and integrate models into business applications.

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Snowflake and partner in healthcare to deliver state-of-the-art clinical decision support.

H2O Gene Mutation AI is a machine learning-powered patient risk assessment application that uses the Snowflake Data Cloud to bring intelligent clinical decision support directly to clinicians and provide advanced analytics for pharmacogenomics and pharmacovigilance pipelines.

Intelligent Manufacturing with and Snowflake.

Snowflake's Manufacturing Data Cloud has launched H2O AI Cloud as a pre-built solution. With the capabilities from and Snowflake, manufacturers can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance supply chain transparency.

Manufacturing illustration Manufacturing illustration brings automated machine learning to Snowflake’s Telecom Data Cloud

Snowflake's new Telecom Data Cloud uses's automated machine learning to build AI models for customer churn prediction and retention. Now you can use's suite of applications within Snowflake's Telecom Data Cloud to segment and score your entire customer base or model daily granularity for each customer in just a few minutes.


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