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H2O Eval Studio

Integrated executive dashboards for model comparisons, advanced insights, and customizable performance monitoring in a user-friendly interface.

An image of Eval Studio's model evaluation wheel for assessing metrics such as model hallucination. An image of Eval Studio's model evaluation wheel for assessing metrics such as model hallucination.

Eval Eye: Executive dashboards

Ensure robust performance and mitigate hallucination through rigorous evaluation. H2O Eval Studio promotes Trustworthy AI by assessing faithfulness and bias, providing technical insights and customizable evaluators. Enhance your AI's reliability and accuracy with advanced monitoring and executive dashboards tailored for precise performance tuning.

Create comprehensive executive dashboards by running multiple evaluators or evaluation suites simultaneously. This feature provides a unified view, making monitoring and analyzing performance metrics easier across various models and systems.

Model and leaderboard comparison

Effortlessly compare evaluations from different systems with our model and leaderboard comparison tool. This feature helps you identify the best-performing models across metrics like:

  • Answer Relevancy

  • Context Precision

  • Faithfulness

  • Context Recall

  • Ragas score

and many more


Configurable evaluators, model parameters and evaluation overrides

Tailor your model parameters and evaluation settings to fit specific requirements. This flexibility ensures optimal performance for both the model host system and the LLMs in use, adapting to your unique business needs.

Advanced evaluation insights

Uncover failure states and gain valuable insights with our new evaluation problems and insights feature. This enhancement helps you identify and address issues promptly, improving overall model reliability.

Test case perturbations

Introduce variability in your testing process with new test case perturbations. This feature ensures a thorough evaluation of model robustness under different scenarios.

User-friendly interface

Experience a more user-friendly interface with improvements in listing pages, visualizations, and overall UI design. Additionally, enjoy enhanced robustness, security, and stability of the backend, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for your evaluations.

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Effortlessly monitor, compare, and customize GenAI model evaluations with executive dashboards, advanced insights, and robust testing for optimal performance and reliability.

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