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Make and Market AI Apps and Services with

Powered by is a program designed to simplify the process of making and marketing great AI products and services for businesses. Our mission at to democratize AI, and this program is designed to increase innovative freedom, furthering the positive impact AI can have on our world. Great ideas are not in the minds of the few, but of the many, and it is our belief that empowering the many, and helping them deliver on their vision, will result in positive global progress.

The program makes available the following to the global community of Makers:

  • H2O AI Cloud technology

  • World-class AI expertise, which can include Kaggle Grandmasters

  • Technical enablement, to include training

  • GTM expertise

  • Sales and marketing support

  • Use of the brand

  • Revenue share

We’ve successfully co-developed products, such as the H2O AI Feature Store, with AT&T, and we’d like to learn more about your ideas and offerings.

Featured Success Story and AT&T co-developed the H2O AI Feature Store to store, update, and share the features data scientists, developers, and engineers need to build AI models.

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We worked closely with to make the H2O AI Feature Store. Feature stores are one of the hottest areas of AI development right now, because being able to reuse and repurpose data engineering tools is critical as those tools become increasingly complex and expensive to build.”

Mark Austin, VP of Data Science, AT&T
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To learn more about the Powered by program, register here and a representative will contact you to discuss your business opportunity.