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AI for Manufacturing


AI Transformation in Manufacturing

Manufacturers face mounting pressure to decrease costs while continuing to deliver high quality products and service. Leading manufacturers are taking a proactive approach to streamline operations. Companies that are making extensive use of AI are reaping the benefits of improved efficiency, decreased downtime while increasing customer satisfaction.

These companies are using AI for a number of scenarios including predictive maintenance, predictive process design, supply chain optimization and more., the open source and automation leader in AI, is empowering leading manufacturing companies to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry. Use-Cases

Supply Chain

Stock level predictions

Demand forecasting

Returns forecasting

IT Optimization

Security Cyberlake

Master Data Management

Predictive Maintenance

Machine failure

Preemptive maintenance

Fault detection

Freight and Shipping

Dispatch failures

Arrival delays

Damaged packages


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I am very excited to use the H2O Driverless AI because prior to it, we used to spend weeks hyperparameter tuning etc., but with Driverless AI, one experiment takes just a few hours.”

Wei Shao, Data Scientist, Hortifrut
Ed Dixon
Data Scientist, Intel

"Once we started using H2O we saw the number of false positives reduced significantly within hours."

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