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AI 4 Conservation

AI 4 Conservation provides the H2O AI Cloud and’s AI expertise to help mitigate global environmental challenges.

H2O has been a leader in Machine Learning and AI for over a decade. In our mission to Democratize AI we believe a core tenet of that is using our technology to better the world. Given the massive environmental risks the world is facing, we have invested countless hours, resources, and talent to use our expertise to drive impact beyond ourselves. We believe there are three key verticals to saving the planet: Land, Oceans, and Animals. By leveraging the advancements in AI & ML to drive conservational biodiversity research, identify early and help mitigate high-risk wildfire zones, and accelerate ocean-based renewable energy research, we believe that we can support some of the most innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Hear directly from our customers.

Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf, Director of Translational Data Analytics Institute at OSU and co-founder & Director of WildMe, takes the stage at H2O World Sydney 2022 to discuss WildMe's mission to create artificial intelligence solutions for wildlife conservation, and how they work with to democratize AI.

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Explore the Solutions to Conserve Our Natural Resources.

From the Australian outback to the California redwoods to the Amazon rainforest, wildfires cause nearly $350 billion in annual losses worldwide. Even more devastating than the economic damage is the ecological and human impact these fires have. Climate change has made annual droughts more severe than ever before, while at the same time causing extreme weather like the lightning strikes and strong winds that spark and fuel wildfires. was proud to host the Wildfire Challenge, a call to action for data scientists to develop new AI applications that can be used by first responders, local leaders, businesses and the general public to help save lives and prevent the destruction of property and our natural resources.

Seatrec Ocean Harvesting

See how Seatrec leverages the H2O AI Cloud platform to analyze data collected by the Navis Autonomous Profiling Float to harvest marine energy and gain insight into the health of our world’s oceans.

Wild Me Wildbook

Learn about Wild Me’s efforts to support biodiversity and combat the extinction of endangered species using an web application that accelerates its analysis of wildlife for insight into threatened animal populations.

In the Press

Read more about’s work to help battle the climate crisis.