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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are actively implementing the use of new technologies to improve and streamline operations. With strong leadership in automated machine learning (autoML), explainable AI and operational deployments, is co-innovating with major healthcare organizations to address existing and emerging challenges.

The H2O AI Cloud helps organizations rapidly build world-class machine learning models and AI applications to deliver lasting impact for users across research, clinical, operational and financial dimensions.

Healthcare Companies Using H2O

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How the H2O AI Cloud Helps

Discovering insights and making connections across the complexities of health related data is critical to delivering tangible value with AI. The H2O AI Cloud platform simplifies access to business applications, data science best practices, rapid prototyping and collaboration while also enabling intelligent automation, acceleration and transparency through every step of the data science lifecycle.


Flexibility Flexibility

Democratize AI and Accelerate AI Results

Deliver AI Initiatives over 10x faster with an end-to-end platform that supports multiple users and offers the market’s leading AutoML, H2O Driverless AI.

Flexibility Flexibility

Enterprise-wide AI Scale and Governance

Operate AI across organizations and departments with trust and confidence.

Scale Scale

Multi-Cloud and Data Flexibility

Simplify and scale AI with one platform that operates across clouds, on-premises environments, and data sources.

AI Use Cases

Machine learning technologies and AI solutions have the potential to improve the affordability and accessibility of healthcare. empowers the private sector, public sector and not-for-profit organizations serving patients and consumers to solve a variety of use cases in healthcare and life sciences.

Hospital Operations

Public Health


Life Sciences and Biopharma

Precision Medicine

Supply Chain


Human Resources & Talent


Healthcare Payer

Explore the latest healthcare AI use case for gene mutation
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Get hands on with’s healthcare apps

Explore and experiment with the COVID-19 Hospital Occupancy Simulator app below. The app provides up-to-date simulation and model-based projections of hospital occupancy metrics.



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Get Access and Learn about all the Healthcare Use Cases

Pharma Apps

With solutions spanning marketing, real world evidence, precision medicine, R&D and more, our platform offers the tools to support all diverse functions within the pharma industry.

Provider Apps

From computer vision and clinical decision support, to hospital operations and capacity management, a wide range of applications enable patient-facing organizations to perform at the highest standard.

Payer Apps

Simplifying the analysis of complex EMR and claims datasets, applications that facilitate claims adjudication, and automatic detection of overpayment and fraud are all possible on our platform.

The Difference supports healthcare customers and life sciences organizations around the world. Our host of capabilities allow companies to quickly build impactful solutions, while providing transparency and trust throughout the implementation of real-world applications.

Automated Machine Learning:

AutoML is pervasive across the entire H2O AI Cloud. Powering everything from feature transformation to model selection, monitoring and deployment, robust autoML capabilities are the engine behind our ability to deliver AI that does AI.

Natural Language Processing:

Extract insights from unstructured text data to discover trends, create more accurate and relevant information retrieval and create personalized recommendations, with a wide range of supported algorithms from simplistic TF-IDF based ones to state-of-the-art BERT based transformers.

Time Series Forecasting:

Easily fit and solve forecasting problems with unique feature engineering and autoML capabilities specifically designed to handle time series data. See how predictions are generated, and easily build forecasts across many categories such as individual skus, product hierarchy and more.

Computer Vision:

Use image data for modeling, with the ability to combine additional data types with your image data including text, tabular and audio data, with out-of-the-box access to all of the recent CNN-architectures and GPU accelerated training.

Explainable AI:

Easily understand the ‘why’ behind model predictions to build better models and provide explanations of model output at a global level (across a set of predictions) or at a local level (for an individual prediction).

Explore the H2O AI Cloud

With large volumes of data, increasing complexities in cost and patient outcomes and the current global pandemic, is a partner enabling the transformational needs of providers, pharma and patients. Organizations with robust data and analytics requirements and complex environments can leverage the H2O AI Cloud to provide cost-effective and high-impact care.

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