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Microsoft Partnership

Accelerating innovation with AI.

It is common for companies to use technologies from many different vendors to address the complexity of needs and use cases that span their organizations. Microsoft and have partnered to simplify the creation and consumption of machine learning models. Services within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem can now leverage models with a simple Azure call, allowing the deployment and reuse of models within the Microsoft Azure environment. This creates a simple and natural combination of extended capabilities from both Microsoft and Companies can pick the best tool and deployment technology for a given use case without deviating from their existing infrastructure requirements. and Azure and Azure
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H2O's integration with Azure provides an innovative approach to deliver models as an Azure service, resulting in higher model adoption across Momentum Financial Services Group. As an example, 80% of credit checks are now reviewed using H2O models and more than 6K requests a day.

Nima Norouzi, Director of Advanced Analytics, Momentum Financial Group
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Microsoft and


Quickly leverage and build highly accurate, in-memory machine learning algorithms with speed and confidence.


Easily access models across your enterprise IT landscape without no change to existing deployment strategies.


Seamlessly integrate AI into your current business processes for faster time to value.

How It Works


Easily deploy and manage models generated by in a secure Azure Machine Learning environment.

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Microsoft Azure Integrations with

Database Scoring

Azure Container Registry

Azure ML Studio

Azure Data Fabric

Auto-generated Azure artifacts

Easy to use application for seamless integration between your Microsoft and environments.

With this seamless integration, data scientists can easily and quickly deploy models into the Azure environment, so that those models can be used within Azure services. and Azure and Azure


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