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Hands-On Lab: Accelerating Machine Learning with and Snowflake

Wed, August 11 | 9:00am - 10:30am PT | 12:00pm - 1:30pm ET

Machine Learning can help every organization solve the most challenging analytical problems but complex systems and skills gaps can prevent organizations from exploiting it. Join this lab to see how seamless integrations between Snowflake for near-unlimited access to data and data processing power in the cloud and H2O’s Driverless AI for automated machine learning can make AI and data science within reach for your organization. 


After completing this hands-on-lab, you’ll be able to: 

– Automate feature engineering with data in Snowflake

– Optimize model training with H2O Driverless AI

– Provide model interpretability with automatic report generation

– Run scalable inference with model deployment inside Snowflake using Java UDFs

No prior experience is necessary, and you will have trial access to both platforms after the lab is over so that you can continue honing your data science skills.


Speakers and Bios: 

Eric Gudgion, Senior Principal Solutions Architect,

David Whiting, Training Lead,

Miles Adkins, Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake