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Learn how DirectMailers Accelerates The Adoption of AI with Snowflake using SQL

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Successful machine learning initiatives depend on getting easy access to the right data at the right time for training and deploying models. That’s not always easy, since machine learning consists of many stages and requires different roles with different skill sets to work together, such as the data analyst, data engineer, and data scientist.

In this webinar, you will learn how Directmailers, a Snowflake and customer, took advantage of using SQL inside Snowflake to score data faster and more efficiently with H2O Driverless AI. We also demonstrate how Snowflake and provide users with a seamless user experience that matches their skills and allows them to quickly and successfully build and use models in production.

Speakers: Richard Irwin, President at DirectMailers

Sean O’Gorman, CIO at DirectMailers

Mike Klaczynski, Director of Product Marketing at Snowflake

Yves Laurent, Director of Partnerships and Channels at

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