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Find information 10x faster.

Our Al-powered search assistant helps you get answers to questions about your documents, websites and workplace content.

gif of a user chatting with h2ogpt about a document gif of a user chatting with h2ogpt about a document

It's the easiest way to find what you need.

Create a GPT-powered assistant for your internal teams to answer questions gleaned from large volumes of documents.

Enterprise h2oGPT lets you:


  • Ask natural language questions about your documents
  • Automate document querying at scale to millions of documents
  • Keep your data private

Run your own LLMs, reduce risks and lower your TCO

We put you in control of your data and privacy. No sending data and confidential documents over the internet. 

Create a private GPT that interacts with your local documents, giving you a powerful tool for answering questions and generating text without having to rely on third-party services.


Enterprise h2oGPT and LLMs can be purpose-built for Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing and Operations

Leverage GPTs to automate workflows and insights for your internal teams, and create GPTs for your customers to use.

Internal Use Cases

Automate workflows and increase efficiencies

Demand Forecasting

Propensity Modeling

Sales Forecasting

Churn/Risk Propensity

Customer Lifetime Value

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Profitability Index

Enhancing Customer Service

Automatic Content Creation

Research Assistant

Personalization of Customer Experience

Answering FAQ’s

Generating Onboarding Materials

External Use Cases

Generate value for your customers

Loyalty Rewards

Membership Points

Mileage Rewards

Product Recommender

Personal Shopper


Next Best Offer

Personalization of Customer Experience

Enhanced Fraud Detection

Incorporate ML & GenAI into any externally facing products

h2oGPT powered one click summarizer directly from Slack!

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Document Search
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