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LLM-Powered Document Comparison

Coming soon to Enterprise h2oGPTe.


Introducing Enterprise h2oGPTe’s LLM Document Comparison tool

Enabling anyone to effectively identify similarities, changes, and moved content in documents, even when comparing dissimilar files


h2oGPTe goes beyond standard textual comparison, leveraging semantic relationships to highlight parallels, offering fine-tuned, real-time control over the matching algorithm. Whether comparing document iterations, multiple contracts, or a suite of large legal files, h2oGPTe provides you with a sophisticated, user-friendly, time-saving solution; entirely within your browser.

Form, Financial Statements Review

Streamline the review process of thousands of forms, saving endless hours that would otherwise be dedicated to manual review.

Multiple Contracts Comparison

Automate the comparison of contracts, forms, and proposals, saving countless hours of manual review and optimizing your workflow.

Legal Document Comparison

Compare case references, contracts, and evidentiary paperwork, streamlining workflows and reducing the risk of manual errors.

Security and Confidentiality

h2oGPTe ensures confidentiality and data security. You maintain ownership and privacy over your confidential documents and data.

H2O LLM-Powered Doc Comparison

highlights similarities and patterns and gives you a side-by-side preview of where specific content is located within a document.


In this example, we are comparing the two documents: 

2023 Biden Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence 


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