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H2O AI 100 H2O AI 100



A community of innovators driving the future of AI presents the inaugural AI 100, spotlighting the top leaders delivering business value with AI. Know someone who fits? Nominate them (or yourself) now! Winners will be selected based on nominations and our own research into earnings reports, media coverage, and other public data.

Submissions closed

How do we pick the winners?

1. Impact (30%)

AI leaders who have driven significant, measurable business outcomes like revenue growth, cost reduction, or efficiency gains. We look at the tangible ROI and bottom-line impact of their AI initiatives.

2. Innovation (30%)

AI leaders advancing the state of the art in AI technologies, architectures, or applications. We assess their contributions to pushing boundaries and pioneering new approaches.

3. Leadership (20%)

AI leaders with the vision and ability to drive organizational transformation and create a culture of AI innovation. We evaluate their strategic thinking and success in aligning stakeholders and empowering teams.

4.  Scalability (20%)

Leaders who have successfully deployed and managed AI solutions at scale across their organization. We assess their ability to navigate the technical and operational complexities of enterprise-wide AI adoption.

What's in it for you?

No payment required icon-1

No payment required

Inclusion in the AI 100 is free, honoring your achievements without any cost.

video publicity icon-3

Video publicity

Winners will have the opportunity to gain exclusive video publicity through Nasdaq TradeTalks and Live from MarketSite.

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Media exposure

Benefit from widespread media coverage as journalists report on the AI 100 winners, boosting your brand visibility.

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Increased awareness

Elevate your company's profile and generate buzz within the AI community and beyond.

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Networking and community

Connect with fellow AI visionaries, industry leaders, and potential partners after we release the AI 100 list.

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Thought leadership and credibility

Earn recognition as a verified leader in enterprise AI, enhancing your credibility with clients, investors, and peers.

Why now?

Sri Ambati sri-image

AI has the potential to improve every aspect of our lives. That's why we're curating the AI 100 awards – to honor the innovators creating the future of AI.

Sri Ambati CEO & Founder