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H2O - The Killer-App on Spark


By Team | minute read | June 25, 2014

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object AirlinesDemo extends Demo {
 override def run(conf: DemoConf): Unit = {
 // Prepare data
 // Dataset
 val dataset = “data/allyears2k_headers.csv”
 // Row parser
 val rowParser = AirlinesParser
 // Table name for SQL
 val tableName = “airlines_table”
 // Select all flights with destination == SFO
 val query = “””SELECT * FROM airlines_table WHERE dest=”SFO” “””
 // Connect to shark cluster and make a query over prostate, transfer data into H2O
 val frame:Frame = executeSpark<a href="dataset, rowParser, conf.extractor, tableName, query, local=conf.local">Airlines</a>“Extracted frame from Spark: “) (frame!=null) frame.toString + “\nRows: “ + frame.numRows() else “<nothing>“)</nothing>
 // Now make a blocking call of GBM directly via Java API
 val model = gbm(frame, frame.vec(“isDepDelayed”), 100, true)“Model built!”)
 override def name: String = “airlines”
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