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H2O World Dallas Customer Talks


By Vinod Iyengar | minute read | November 24, 2022

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After three long years of not having an #H2OWorld, we finally held our first one in Sydney to a sold-out crowd! We then followed it up with H2O World Dallas in the same week! It was a fantastic and jam-packed event with customers, partners, colleagues, and community members sharing how they leverage to accelerate and transform AI lifecycles. I wanted to share some of my notes and learnings here for folks who couldn’t make it live.  

h2o-world-dallas-1-300x200.png h2o-world-dallas-1-300x200.png
h2o-world-dallas-2-300x143.png h2o-world-dallas-2-300x143.png
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  • Sean Otto, Ph.D. talked about how AES New York Renewable Energy Co is using AI for use cases in power generation, Utilities, Commercial trading, and Energy Trading. He shared the AES philosophy on delivering value to the organization.
h2o-world-dallas-4-300x167.png h2o-world-dallas-4-300x167.png
  • Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist from Reliance Industries gave a rich talk about digitization and a holistic eight-layered AI stack – Interpretation, Causality, Prediction, Explanation, Controllability, Simulation, Optimization & Adaption.
h2o-world-dallas-5-300x169.png h2o-world-dallas-5-300x169.png
  • Jeremy Elster from Chipotle Mexican Grill shared exciting insights about Building the Data and ML Products at Chipotle with H2O Driverless AI – An AutoML solution to build models with speed.
h2o-world-dallas-6-300x225.png h2o-world-dallas-6-300x225.png
  • Karamjit Singh, Director of AI at Mastercard talked about using AI-driven fraud prevention, transaction processing, and payment optimization.
h2o-world-dallas-7-300x168.png h2o-world-dallas-7-300x168.png
h2o-world-dallas-8-300x153.png h2o-world-dallas-8-300x153.png
  • Jenny Steffens from Hy-Vee discussed how innovation in the AI landscape goes hand in hand with the rapidly evolving Retail Landscape
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  • Mi Yan and Jolene Huang from the data science team at Intuit shared about incredible automation they have done in ML Platform, how they enabled the capability to use AutoML provided by H2O DriverlessAI to build new models
h2o-world-dallas-11-300x225.png h2o-world-dallas-11-300x225.png

Finally, we ended the day with a very heartfelt remembrance and celebration of the life of our dear colleague and friend, Dr.Leland Wilkinson. Jan Gamec performed and gave a wonderful tribute that left everyone teary-eyed. Leland’s legacy lives on through all his contributions to science, math, technology, and art. At, we wanted to honor him by open-sourcing AutoViz and announcing a Leland Wilkison award. 

h2o-world-dallas-12-300x164.png h2o-world-dallas-12-300x164.png

I wanted to thank everyone for making the event so memorable. I’m really looking forward to the next H2O World.  

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Vinod Iyengar , VP of Products

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