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Case Studies

Macnica Networks: Using DriverlessAI for yield prediction and top responsible features in manufacturing

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"AI drives yield prediction and production quality."

Avkash Chauhan
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Platforms & Businesses

Use Cases

Manufacturing Optimization

Predictive Maintenance

Yield Prediction

Overview of the Challenge

Manufacturing means production and a successful production depends on various factors including various machineries in then manufacturing environment. For any manufacturer it is important to know how the yield will be for the next manufacturing cycle and what are the key components, contributing to maximum production. The list of key components helps manufacturer to make sure these components are optimize for maximum production all the time. Machine learning is now applied to get the answers to these manufacturing problems and In this session you will see how DriverlessAI is processing manufacturing data, to identify core features which will contribute more to the yield and predict yield in a given time span within near future.