Return to page + COVID-19 and COVID-19 Overview is a visionary AI and Machine Learning company that is co-innovating with major healthcare organizations to address challenges during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are lending our AI expertise and industry-leading AI platforms to the effort.

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solving covid challenges solving covid challenges

Using AI to Combat COVID-19

Global Healthcare Staffing Resource Planning.

Healthcare professionals are facing multiple challenges in this fight against COVID-19 including a shortage of essential supplies, as well as staffing requirements per hospital as an example.

AI models can predict when, where and how much you’ll need to prepare for a sudden increase in demand on your healthcare services.

The impact of COVID-19 clearly illustrates the need for predictions to ensure hospitals are staffed and stocked for an influx of patients that put pressure on availability of resources.

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COVID-19 Predictions

Using Our AI Platforms will Enable Data Scientists to Better Predict Healthcare Data.

AI is an important resource to help glean insight in data, forecast patterns and make critical decisions that save lives. brings the power of AI to your organization by providing data scientists a glimpse at what’s coming, allowing preparation to start now. Then contrast that with what’s happening in real time to learn what is and isn’t working.

Get answers on every level from individual clinics and hospitals to the entire system, putting you in the know and giving you more of the most important resources: enough time to make a difference.

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