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Wall Street Endorses’s Vision to Democratize AI

Mountain View, Calif. – December 23, 2019 –, the open source leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), today announced that Credit Suisse has selected it as a member of its 2019 Disruptive Technology Recognition (DTR) Program. Credit Suisse’s DTR Program recognizes the top companies who are disrupting traditional IT with new, visionary, and innovative approaches.

“At Credit Suisse, technology innovation is key to providing the best user experience and for our customers and partners,” said David Patten, CIO of Credit Suisse’s IBCM Division at Credit Suisse AG. “The DTR program was created to recognize the companies that are disrupting the status quo in IT with great products and a clear vision in their respective spaces. is a clear leader in the AI and machine learning space, and continues to push the boundaries on what is possible with these technologies, and helps us deliver high-quality services to our clients.”

“ is honored to be selected into the coveted Credit Suisse’s DTR program this year. We are democratizing AI and the trusted partner in the AI transformation of world’s leading and sophisticated companies like Credit Suisse,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and Founder at “Our partnership with Credit Suisse started years ago with their adoption of H2O Open Source in core finance and banking with Dean Soteropoulos. In 2019, Dean and Anurag Sehgal at Credit Suisse chose H2O Driverless AI to accelerate AI adoption in front-office and back-office investment banking use cases in global markets, fixed income and capital markets. The award is a validation of the customer-centric maker culture that powers innovation at As part of the DTR program, we are thrilled to further partner across every group within Credit Suisse, co-invent AI and transform the space. is on a mission to make every company an AI company and we are fortunate for the trust of the AI community and customers.”

The DTR program is a joint initiative between the bank’s Investment Banking and Capital Markets division and Group Chief Technology Officer function, and offers participants the opportunity to work collaboratively to promote innovation at the bank and at the Partner firms. offers enterprise customers with the leading platforms for AI and machine learning, including open source platform H2O, automatic machine learning platform H2O Driverless AI, and the recently announced H2O Q, an AI platform for business users:

  • H2O is the leading open source, scalable and distributed in-memory AI and machine learning platform. H2O has an industry leading AutoML functionality and supports the most widely used statistical and machine learning algorithms including gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, deep learning and more.

  • H2O Driverless AI empowers data scientists to work on projects faster and more efficiently by using automation and state-of-the-art computing power to accomplish tasks in record time with automatic feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and deployment, machine learning interpretability, custom recipes, time-series and automatic pipeline generation for model scoring.

  • H2O Q is a new and innovative AI platform that provides the essential building blocks to make AI apps and will bring the power of AI to millions of business users. It delivers automatic insights and predictions for “in the moment” business questions and is ideal for data analysts, citizen data scientists and all business users.


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About is the open source leader in AI and machine learning with a mission to democratize AI for everyone. is transforming the use of AI to empower every company to be an AI company in financial services, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, pharmaceutical, and marketing. is driving an open AI movement with H2O, which is used by more than 18,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of data scientists. H2O Driverless AI, an award-winning and industry-leading automatic machine learning platform for the enterprise, is helping data scientists across the world in every industry be more productive and deploy models in a faster, easier and cheaper way. partners with leading technology companies such as NVIDIA, IBM, AWS, Intel, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and is proud of its growing customer base which includes Nationwide Insurance, Walgreens, Wells Fargo and MarketAxess. believes in AI4Good with support for wildlife conservation and AI for academics. Learn more at Media Contact

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