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The Make with webcast program is designed to educate data scientists, data engineers, analysts, and developers on the latest in data science techniques, technologies, and successful use cases.  The objective of the program is to address the needs of the data science and AI community to help them make better AI solutions that solve real world problems.

All of the sessions are complimentary, and we will run a session just about every month on Wednesdays at 11am PT.  Occasionally, there will be a holiday or a bigger event, but for the most part, we’ll host them every week.  We’ll always have the next four upcoming sessions on the page, just register for the ones that are the most interesting to you.

Sessions will be led by product managers, engineers, Kaggle Grandmaster, data science luminaries, and customers.  We’ll continue to poll the community to hear what you want to learn about most, so please provide input on our social polls as well as polls within the webcasts.

Upcoming Sessions

November 2022

Title Title
North America: November 30th, 2022 | 11am PT

Office Hours with H2O Kaggle Grandmasters Featuring Mark Landry

Join us for Office Hours with H2O Kaggle Grandmasters. Office Hours with Kaggle Grandmasters is your opportunity to ask an H2O KGM your burning data science questions, gain insight into winning kaggle competition strategies, and learn about the latest in data science. Come with questions and curiosity!

Eric Gudgion Eric Gudgion

Mark Landry
Director, Data Science and Product, Kaggle Grandmaster


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