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Artificial Intelligence: a Strong Ally to solve Business Challenges in the Insurance Industry

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Over the past couple of years, adoption of AI has increased exponentially across the business ecosystem and the Insurance industry is not an exception. The ease of convenience that has come with AI implementations has made the technology crucial to Insurance Executives and is now a strong ally in their success. AI plays a huge role in transforming Insurance processes such as Claims, Underwriting, Customer Service, Marketing, Fraud Detection, and more. 

Watch the recording to understand the potential of AI for Insurance use-cases such as Fraud and Damage Prediction, and learn how all insurances can benefit from AI to solve their business challenges. 

– Mark Bakker, Regional Lead – Benelux,
– Andrew Fenton, Enterprise Sales Executive,
– Yauhen Babakhin, Senior Data Scientist, Kaggle Grandmaster,

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