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Tribute to Leland Wilkinson

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Leland Wilkinson, chief scientist, our brilliant, beloved, and kind friend, colleague, mentor, academic, author, entrepreneur, musician, pioneer, and luminary in data visualization and statistical graphics, passed away on Friday, Dec. 10, 2021, in Lake Forest, Ill., following a stroke. His passing is an incredible loss to our community, and we will miss him immeasurably.

Leland's work and writings will be celebrated and live on in the many brilliant collaborations, talks, students, colleagues, and lives he inspired. His impact will continue to be felt across the statistics, data visualization, data science, and machine learning world. Fellows recognize individual Makers who have made iconic contributions and sustained technical achievements to further the democratization of AI. The Fellows unanimously named Leland an Fellow, posthumously, for his contributions to the community, customers, and code. The Leland Wilkinson Award for AI and Data Visualization and a series of talks and gatherings during the H2O World conference this spring will be dedicated to celebrating Leland’s life and work.



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Sri Ambati, CEO & Founder,