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H2O World Sydney 2022 Highlights





H2O World Sydney 2022 Highlights



Talking Points:



  • Sri Ambati, CEO, Co-Founder, H2O

  • Tanya Berger-Wolf, Co-Founder, Director, Wild Me

  • Jana Kapr, CEO, Billigence Group

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H2O In Sydney


Sri Ambati:


Thank you for coming and such a wonderful welcome for H2O in Sydney. We're super excited at these proceedings with some incredible speakers to follow me. My goal is to introduce you, the core team and culture of H2O and actually learn from you the culture that we can imbibe and make it even bigger. 


H2O Provides Solutions With AI


Tanya Berger-Wolf:


The beauty of H2O AI is that it puts AI in the hands of people who do not maybe have the technological background to create solutions with AI. 


H2O User Friendliness


Jana Kapr:


What I love about H2O is its user friendliness, that you could actually explain it to people. You could prepare things for them and afterwards they could tweak it to the next level and use it for their day-to-day decision making.