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Hack Data with Math using H2O - Silicon Valley Big Data Science Meetup at Google


By Team | minute read | May 01, 2013

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Thanks for attending!
Cliff’s H2O and API for Big Data Math Talk 
JanVitek’s talk on Distributed Random Forest 
Cliff & Jan will present a deep dive into H2O and Hacking Big Data with Math. 
We locked down the Venue – Google, Building 43, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94040.
Can’t wait for the fireworks!
Cliff Click  – “An API for Big Data Math” Use a simple giant vector  programming style that runs in parallel across a cluster. You can write simple Java for-loops that runs distributed math across a cluster.
Jan Vitek  – “Random Forest  for Big Data and the State of R” Will discuss the use of the Distributed RandomForest algorithm  implementation for big data in H2O. He will describe the design, implementation and practical usage of a random forest package for large data sets. Dr. Vitek will also discuss the the state of R where he will talk about the R language, its status and future prospects in the world of big data. 

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